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Our acclaimed services promise to present the lifestyle that’s beyond your imagination.

Your time is the most precious commodity: Wota is here to serve you 24/7/365. With unrivalled networking connections in the Asia Pacific area, we offer distinctive privilege, open rates, and deluxe life style experiences. Our inimitable expertise makes your best option for lifestyle management and concierge services.

We aim to satisfy the needs of our individual, corporate and group clients. The Wota premium membership is here to impress and fulfill your expectations with our unmatched services.

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The Wota membership offers travel planning, VIP only promotions, access to exclusive events or parties and a wealth of other lifestyle services. It is our pleasure not only to provide you with the service you need, but also, to share the taste of a certain lifestyle that you desire.

Recommended by Wota

We travel around the world to find one-of-a-kind experiences for you including tours, delicate cuisines, and fashion events.


Exclusive Pricing

Utilizing our world-wide connections, Wota presents our customers competitive pricing for world-class quality services.


Virtual concierge

From personal errands to private jet charter and unforgettable itineraries, Wota is available 24/7 at your convenience.


Always in the know

It is our mission to discover the very best for our clients. Wota is ready to provide first-hand information on what’s trendy and in popularity.


Elite Community

Wota hosts member-only events aimed for socializing. You will meet people who share the same passion of enjoying life to the fullest.


High Efficiency

Our luxury travel packages are carefully crafted and designed for a memorable experience. Farewell to time wasted on research.


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Our success and commitment are driven by our satisfied customers. We aim to become the preeminent destination for luxury services.