Wota Rewards Mileage Registration Guide



Wota Rewards is our member exclusive mileage accrual program. As we have established official partnerships with frequent flyer programs including “Asia Miles”, “Eva Air Infinity MileageLands” and “JAL Mileage Bank”, Wota members are entitled to mileage rewards for orders completed on our official website (either on Wota Lifestyle or Wota Luxe). 

For each booking on Wota Luxe luxury hotel booking platform, within 7 days an order is made, members can earn 10 miles for each order by registering on the Wota Luxe Mileage Registration System. (Please note that each member can register for at most 10 orders per month, earning up to 100 miles.)

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For each order made on Wota Lifestyle for travel products or experiences, within 7 days an order is made, members can earn mileage by registering on the Wota Lifestyle Mileage Registration System. (Every TWD 40 (or the equivalent in foreign currency) can be converted to 1 mile.)

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Terms and Condition

  • Once your hotel stay is completed, mileage will be credited to your account within 6-8 weeks.
  • Please complete the mileage registration process within 7 days after your order is made. Late registration after the 7-days period will not be accepted. 
  • Each effective order (excluding orders for special products) on Wota Luxe can be rewarded with 10 miles. Each member account is entitled to a cap of 100 miles per month. 
  • FAQ for Asia Miles                             
    ➝ https://wota.app/nke8q
  • FAQ for Eva Air Infinity MileageLands
    ➝ https://wota.app/XAJJt
  • FAQ for JAL Mileage Bank                 
    ➝ https://wota.app/nVD6X