Steps for Tailor-Made Services

Wota Lifestyle makes your every fantasy come true. Together with experienced travel planners, after discussing and understanding your needs and preferences, we plan to organize ideal accommodations and experiences for you.
Entrust us with all your travel expectations and let's embark on this journey now!

This service is only available for Wota Elite members or above. For further information, please refer to the Club Wota brochure or contact our customer service.

Stage 1

Before you take the first step with Wota Lifestyle, please fill the following form for your personal data and itinerary preference.
To ensure the best service quality, Wota only accept reservations 30 days before the departure date.
Fill out the form

Stage 2

After receiving your inquiry, Wota Lifestyle will make preliminary contact with you to discuss the detail for your itinerary. Then we will proceed with the customization and payment process.



Stage 3

The Tailored-Made consultant fee will be charged in full at the beginning and is NOT refundable once the service started. Tailored-Made consultation fee can NOT be used to any travel expenses. (e.g. meal costs, accommodation fees, transportation...etc)

1. For a single country, up to 7 days itinerary, the consultation fee is NTD$5,000.
2. For 1-3 countries, up to 14 days itinerary, the consultation fee is NTD$10,000.
3. For more than 4 countries, 15 days or longer itinerary, the consultation fee is NTD$15,000.

The consultation fee may be adjusted due to the complexity of the travel.

Stage 4

After receiving the consultation fee, Wota Lifestyle will provide the basic plan based on your request in 2 weeks and modify upon your feedback.

The modification is limited to restaurant and attraction changes only. Travel destinations can NOT be changed. If there's a change in the destination, it will be considered as a new project.

For more than two modifications, an additional fee of NTD$1,500 will be charged per extra modification.

Stage 5

Once the itinerary is confirmed, a contract should be signed, and the full amount of the itinerary quote should be paid within 1 week. If canceled before departure, a refund will be issued according to the proportion specified in the contract.

The full amount of the itinerary.

Refund according to the rate specified in the contract.

Stage 6

Enjoy your journey and contact us if there are any issues during your trip.

Start Your Own Journey

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Themed Experiences

VIP Shopping

A deluxe shopping experience tailored to your preferences. Whether a personal guidance for luxury brand, exclusive shopping style or combing nearby restaurants and luxury hotels, we curate a deluxe shopping themed just for you.

Local Experience

Explore the deepest local culture experiences, including private museum tours, culinary classes, truffle foraging and many other activities led by locals. We will combine these elements to create a unique itinerary that reflects your individual style.

Gourmet Dining

Asia's Best 50? Michelin restaurants? Whatever you desire, we can satisfy it. Revel in the continuous sensory delights of food, tantalizing and invigorating your palate throughout the journey.

Luxury Train

Experience the splendor of Europe's traveling palace with its ornate carriages and top-tier cuisine. Our classic train will take you back in time, while you indulge in our meticulous care and service for an extraordinary journey.

Premium Cruise

Immerse in the ultimate luxury of a top-tier cruise ship as you bask in the ocean's elegant embrace and dining at premier banquets under the starry sky. The interior design seamlessly blends art and lavishness, prepare to embark on a journey into the unknown sea adventure.

Africa Safari

Step into Africa's Opulent wildlife paradise and embark on our signature safari tour. Observe the magnificent“Big Five”with admiration under the golden savannas. Each moment is a meticulous masterpiece, guiding you towards an unparalleled and exclusive adventure.