Tailor Made

Steps of customization

Wota Lifestyle makes your every fantasy come true by our experienced planners who know your needs and preferences and organize ideal accommodations and experiences.

This service is limited for The Wota Elite member or above only, please read the Club Wota brochure For further information, or contact our customer service.


Before your first step with Wota Lifestyle, please fill the following form about your personal data and itinerary preference.

To ensure the quality of our service, Wota Lifestyle will only accept itinerary bespoke requests 30 days prior to your departure date.

To Fill the Form

After receiving the inquiry, Wota Lifestyle will contact you for a preliminary consultation to discuss the details for your itinerary. Then it will proceed with the customization and payment process.


Customized consultant fee will be charged in full at the beginning of the service and is NOT refundable after the service starts. Customized consultant fee can NOT be used on any travel expenses. (e.g., booking, transportation, dining, insurance...etc)

Customized consultant fee introduction:

1. Within 7 days for a single country itinerary, the customized consultant fee is NTD$5,000.

2. Within 14 days for 1-3 countries itinerary, the customized consultant fee is NTD$10,000.

3. More than 4 countries and over 15 days itinerary, the customized consultant fee is NTD$15,000.

Note: The customization fee may be adjusted due to the complexity of the travel.


After receiving the custom fee, Wota Lifestyle will provide the basic plan of your request in 2 weeks and modify upon your opinion.

Modification explanation:The modification is limited to restaurant and attraction changes only. Destination of travel is not acceptable for change, and if there is a change in the destination, it will be considered as a new project.
Fee:If there are more than two modifications, an additional charge of NTD$1,500 will be charged for each modification.

After the itinerary is confirmed, the contract should be signed and the full amount of the itinerary quote must be paid in 1 week. Any cancellation before departure, a refund will be made based on the contract.

Fee:Full price of your tour
Cancel:Refund subject to the rate specified in the contract

Enjoy your trip and contact us if you have any problem along your journey.

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Themed Tours by Wota Lifestyle

VIP Shopping
With the brand guide, greeting ceremony in boutique and also top accommodation, unique tour for your VIP experience.
Culture in Depth
We take you through the local guides into the cultural experiences as a private museum tour, Icelandic horsing and cooking class, etc.
Foodie Tour
Count all your desire about food on Wota Lifestyle and enjoy every flavor on your tongue.
See your idol
Experience the spotlight, red carpet, celebrity parties, Wota Lifestyle is the bridge between you and stars.
Private Island
With a few days relaxing on the island, mountain and forest, you will only have sun, sea, and nature behind you.
Plan your trip
Hurry to talk with us and plan your exclusive tour, fill the form or click the window on the lower right corner to chat with us.