EVA AIR Infinity Mileagelands

Before booking
What is Infinity Mileagelands ?
Infinity Mileagelands, Eva Air membership reward program, provides a wide range of services and exclusive offers to enrich your travel experience. You could earn miles by not only taking flights from EVA AIR, UNI AIR and Star Alliance, but also booking the hotels, renting cars and using credit cards. All the miles accumulated could be always used to exchange the awards as air tickets, level upgrade, Miles & Cash and accommodation voucher,etc. Let’s book your schedule and earn miles from Infinity Mileagelands.
How to become Infinity Mileagelands Members
You could register online by www.evaair.com or download EVA Mobile for membership without any fee. You could earn 500 miles first when you join Infinity Mileagelands and earn another 500 miles from completing the member information. Please refer to Infinity Mileagelands Page on EVA air for detailed rules and offers.
Which product could be rewarded with Infinity Mileagelands Miles ?
Most of the products on Wota Lifestyle could be rewarded with miles. Only a few products will be marked “unable to earn miles” which is not allowed to be rewarded.
How many Infinity Mileagelands miles could be earned ?
Once you buy the products and finish the experiences, you could earn 1 Infinity Mileagelands Mile for every NTD40 spent.
What if there is a mark “unable to earn miles ”on product page ?
In that case, we’re not able to earn miles from this product.
How could we earn Infinity Mileagelands miles by booking the special experiences from Wota Lifestyle?
If you want to earn Infinity Mileagelands miles, you need to register in and become Infinity Mileagelands member first and then enter the valid membership number in “About Miles”page at member center. The miles will be saved into your Infinity Mileagelands account in 6 to 8 weeks when you complete your experience.
Under the purchase
What could we do if we forget our Infinity Mileagelands membership number?
Please check your membership number at www.evaair.com.
How many miles could we earn while we book the experiences from Wota Lifestyle ?
Every time you do our reservation on Wota Lifestyle and complete our experience, you could earn 1 Infinity Mileagelands mile for every NTD40 spent.
What could we do if there is no sign for miles earned at the checkout page ? Even the products we book are allowed to earn miles?
Please help yourself check if you have used coupon or booked the experience from other platform. No Infinity Mileagelands mile could be earned while you face the situations above.
After purchase
Where we could check our Infinity Mileagelands miles?
Please register in”my account” page at www.evaair.com for miles your have earned.
When could we receive our Infinity Mileagelands miles from Wota Lifestyle ?
The miles will be saved into your Infinity Mileagelands miles account in 6 to 8 weeks when you complete your experience.
Could we reapply for Infinity Mileagelands miles if we don’t have Infinity Mileagelands membership while we book the experience on Wota Lifestyle?
Infinity Mileagelands miles are not allowed to be reapplied for the situation above.
How to redeem Infinity Mileagelands awards ?
Please check the page “mileage redemption” at www.evaair.com if you’re in need.
How long could Infinity Mileagelands miles be valid ?
Infinity Mileagelands miles could be valid for 36 months.
May we transfer our own Infinity Mileagelands miles into my friends’ Infinity Mileagelands account ?
Please refer to any rules and detailed information on page “transfer/return miles” at www.evaair.com for the situation above.