JAL Mileages Bank

Before booking
What is JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) ?
JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) is JAL’s mileage program. As a member, you can earn miles from flights, hotel stays, shopping, and other activities - and then redeem those miles for award tickets, and other special awards.
How can I join JAL Mileage Bank Program?
Please sign up through www.jal.co.jp/tw/en/
Click here and fill out the online enroll form.
How to accumulate JAL Mileage Bank miles through Wota Lifestyle?
All Wota's tours can earn miles except for some travel packages that indicated with "No Miles”. You may also earn miles from Wota Luxe site.
How to accumulate miles through Wota?
TWD 40 = 1 mile for travel package or experience products. Eligible hotel bookings with Wota Luxe can get 10 miles per transaction. Each member can earn up to 10 times per month.
What if Wota’s package show “No Miles”
Travel package that indicated with “No Miles” are not included in this promotion.
How to apply for miles through Wota?
Link to Wota’s customer center, fill in your JMB membership name, number and to book your trip. Your JMB miles will be added to your account within 6 to 8 weeks after completing your journey.
Under the purchase
I don’t know my JMB membership number.
Please contact Japan Airlines’ service center at 02-8177-7006 (Taiwan).
I don’t know my password. What should I do?
If you have registered your email address with JMB, you can set or reset your password from Reset password.
How to check how much JAL Mileage Bank miles I can earn through Wota\s products?
TWD 40 = 1 mile. Book and confirm your trip via our promotion page, please refer to Japan Airlines website for details.
What should I do if the booking page does not show the option “Earn JAL Mileage Bank”
Please make sure you did not use coupon for payment and you booked your trip via wota.co. Other promotions and trips booked through other website cannot earn JAL Mileage Bank miles.
Does the traveler’s information provided when booking have to be the same as for JAL Mileage Bank member?
Yes, the information need to be the same.
After purchase
How can I check my mileage balance?
Please check through www.jal.co.jp/tw/en/.
When will I receive my miles earned through my booking?
Once you have completed your booking through Wota, mileage will be added to your JAL Mileage Bank member’s account within 6-8 weeks. Please refer to Japan Airlines for details.
Can I request post-booking credit to mileage account?
If you did not provide your JMB membership number upon booking a product or experience, the post-booking credit requests are only accepted from 7 days after booking.
I would like to redeem an award with my JMB miles. What type of awards does the JMB program offer?
For a complete list of JMB awards, please click the Japan Airlines official site, www.jal.co.jp/tw/en .
How long is the vaildity period of JMB miles?
Mileage will be valid through the last day of the 36th month following the month of transaction.
I would like to learn more about JAL Mileage Bank
Please visit www.jal.co.jp/tw/en for more information.