Privacy Policy

June 20, 2021 edition

Privacy Policy

Wota International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wota" or "the company") is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of your personal data, and complying with the principles of data protection, as well as personal data protection related laws and regulations on personal data protection Regulations stipulated by relevant laws and regulations

When you use this website (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), and the services provided by Wota or third-party operators (hereinafter referred to as "other businesses") through this website (hereinafter referred to as "services"), the company may collect , Process, use and disclose your information. When this "Privacy Policy" uses "you" and "your", it includes anyone who accesses this website or uses the service.

This "Privacy Policy" states that Minwota collects, processes, uses and/or exposes the information that the company obtains from you when you access this website and/or use the service. Such information may include information related to specific individuals. Related personal data, such as name, address, phone number, and email address (hereinafter referred to as "personal data").

Please read this "Privacy Policy" carefully. By visiting this website, you agree to the relevant provisions of this "Privacy Policy" regarding the collection, processing, use and disclosure of your personal data.


1. Scope of terms

Wota has the right to update, revise or amend the terms or any part of this "Privacy Policy" without prior notice. If you continue to access this website or use the service, it means that you accept the update, revision or amendment "Privacy Policy". If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this "Privacy Policy", and/or the content that will be updated, revised or amended in the future, you must stop accessing or otherwise use this website and services.

So, if you wish to access and review the current version of the Privacy Policy, please continue reading this page.


2. information collection

When you use this website, the company may collect your personal information provided to the company and information about how you use this website, including when you opened a user account (hereinafter referred to as "user account") , Visit this website, or book any service you want or use the service.

Open your user account

When you open a user account on this website, or revise any information about your user account, the company may collect your personal information, such as your name, email address, user name, password, and phone number number.

Book a service or use a service

(a) When you visit this website and make an appointment for any service you want or use the service, the company may collect and process certain information (which may contain your personal data, or may contain non-personally identifiable information but will Linked to your personal data), including but not limited to downloading: the content of communication between you and the company and between you and other businesses (whether through email, instant messaging, private communication or other means);

(b) The details of your use of this website (including traffic data, address data and the length of time the user has used it);

(c) Your comments and replies regarding service-related investigations conducted by Warta and communications published, circulated and distributed by Warta;

(d) The information (including the login name and password of the user account, your The computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser information, pages visited, websites visited before or after).


3. Information storage

1. The personal data and other data collected by the company from you may be transferred to the company’s server or the company’s third-party service provider’s server, and the company’s server or the company’s The third-party service provider’s server processes and stores.

2. Wota will make reasonable efforts to maintain appropriate physical, electronic and organizational procedures to ensure that your personal data and other data are processed safely and in compliance with this "Privacy Policy". The company will also prevent Such information is not subject to unauthorized access, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction.

3. After the company receives your information, it will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorized access by others. However, Warta does not declare, guarantee or promise that the personal data you provide to the company will be safe at all times, and if Warta has fulfilled its obligations, you will suffer or suffer from unauthorized access or use of your personal data. Wota shall not be liable for any losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred under any circumstances.

4. All payment transactions performed by the company or a third-party payment processing service provider selected by the company will be encrypted using online encryption technology. You must be responsible for keeping the password you choose confidential and not telling any third party your password.


4. Use of Information

1. You must agree to the company's position based on service members, and you agree to provide your member's basic information to Wota-related companies, Wota's partners, or service providers designated by members (including but not limited to hotels such as hotels). , Restaurants, boutiques, etc.), as the basis for various services and promotions, member personal data will be held by Wota International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (If you do not agree to this clause, you will not be able to provide services such as room reservations, restaurant reservations or event invitations).

2. When you use this website or purchase services, Warta will collect your information and other information, and use this information to create your user account, provide you with services, and continuously improve this website and services. And to contact you for service-related matters.

3. The company uses your personal data or other information for the purpose of achieving faster purchase requests, providing better customer support services, and promptly notifying new services and special plans.

4. The company may also use your personal information to contact you from time to time, inviting you to provide your opinions after using this website to help the company improve this website, or if you have indicated that you agree to receive special provinces We may also provide you with money plans or promotional messages. If you do not want to receive notifications of special money-saving programs or promotions, you can reply to the company through the hyperlinks on these notifications, telling the company that you do not want to receive these notifications anymore.


5. Information disclosure

1. The company may share and disclose your personal data and other information to third parties from time to time, some of which may be located outside of your country. The circumstances under which the company will carry out such sharing and disclosure include but are not limited to the following circumstances:

(a) In order to successfully complete your appointment, or implement the company's "Terms of Service" in other ways;

(b) If you are a visitor to the website, our company may share with you the relevant business operators who make appointments or plan appointment services;

(c) If you are another business operator, the company may share with visitors related to the services you provide;

(d) Share with third-party service providers (including Google Analytics) hired by the company to perform certain services on behalf of the company, such as web host management, data analysis, marketing, market research, and provide you with Other customer services;

(e) According to laws and regulations, judicial organs or other legal administrative organs or units, request disclosure of information;

(f) In the case of corporate transactions, if the company conducts a sale, merger, acquisition, or other corporate reorganization or reorganization, your personal data may be exposed, shared, or transferred to a legal entity that has control. Or a third party authorized to perform the company's business;

(g) In order to protect the rights and property of Wota, it is provided to the company’s consultants, agents or other related persons;

(h) To maintain the normal operation and safety of the company’s system; (i) To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company, consumers, or other third parties

(j) In any other case, to any third party with your prior written consent.

2. There may be some links on this website, which may cause you to leave this website and/or be taken to other third-party websites. You should note that any personal information you provide to these third-party websites is not regulated by this "Privacy Policy". Therefore, you are subject to or incurred by providing or allowing these third-party websites to obtain personal information or other information. Wota is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense.


6. Personal information and privacy protection

1. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law", the company collects, processes and uses the personal data of members that you log in and keeps on this website, and keep them properly. The company will never disclose to the public without your consent or the provisions of laws and regulations.

2. Types of personal data collected:

The member information collected on this website includes:

(1) C001 Individuals who identify individuals: such as the member's name, account number, correspondence address, household registration address, telephone number, email, record of providing online identity authentication or applying for inquiry services, and any other identifiable information as the individual, etc. News.

(2) C002 identifies the financial person: such as credit card or financial institution account information.

(3) Identifiers in C003 government information: such as the uniform number of the ID card, license number, passport number, etc.

(4) C011 Personal description: such as gender, date of birth, etc.

(5) C021 Family situation: such as marriage, date of marriage, number of children, etc.

(6) C024 Other social relations. Such as: friends, colleagues and other relationships other than family.

(7) C035 Leisure activities and interests. Such as hobbies, sports and other interests.

(8) C038 Occupation: Various occupations.

(9) C081 Income, income, assets and investment: such as total income, total income, etc.

(10) C093 Financial transactions: the amount of receipt and payment, the method of payment, transaction records, etc.

3. The specific purpose of personal data collection:

(1) ○24 "Opinion Survey".

(2) 040 "Marketing".

(3) 052 "Internal Management of the Member List by Legal Persons".

(4) 069 "Contract, similar contract or other legal relationship affairs."

(5) 072 "Publicity of Government Orders".

(6) 007 "Reservation, Accommodation Registration and Ticket Purchase Business".

(7) 081 "Legal Transaction of Personal Databusiness".

(8) ○90 "Consumers, customer management and services".

(9) "Information (communication) service".

(10) "Information (communication) and database management".

(11) One 37 "Information Security and Management".

(12) "Sports, Competitive Activities", 142.

(13) 143 "Sports and Leisure Business".

(14) "Online Shopping and Other E-commerce Services".

(15) 152 "Advertising or Commercial Conduct Management".

(16) "Survey, Statistics and Research Analysis", 157.

(17) 170 "Tourism administration, tourism hotel industry, hotel industry, travel industry, tourism amusement industry and hotel management business".

(18) 176 "The collection, processing and use of personal data by other natural persons for legitimate purposes."

(19) "Other operations are in line with business registration items or businesses specified in the articles of association".

(20) "Other consulting and advisory services" in 182.

4. Use of personal data

(1) With regard to the personal information you log in or keep on this website, you agree that the company is providing services for marketing, market analysis, statistics or research on this website, or for providing member personalized services or value-added services. Within the scope of the purpose, you may record, store and use the data and records you keep or generate on this website, or provide you with marketing activities and relevant preferential information of the company, affiliated companies and business partners.

(2) From time to time, this website will send you newsletters or product messages (EDM) or text messages about marketing activities and related preferential messages of our company, affiliates or business partners. If you want to stop receiving any marketing messages, Please notify the company to cancel.

(3) The processing and use of your personal data by the company is only within the scope of the specific purpose of the collection and the scope of the relevant laws and regulations.

5. The period, region, object and method of using personal data

(1) Period: The company will continue to use the personal data you provide until the day you stop using it or the company terminates the service.

(2) Region: China and abroad (except for those prohibited by the competent authority).

(3) Target: The company, affiliated companies and cooperating vendors entrusted by the company or within the scope necessary to provide this service.

(4) Method: Use in accordance with the specific purpose of the collection and the scope of the law.

6. Data subject rights

(1) The parties to the personal data collected by the company may exercise the following rights against the company in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law:

A. Inquiry or request to read.

B. Request to make a copy.

C. Request supplements or corrections.

D. Request to stop collection, processing or utilization.

E. Request deletion.

(2) You can log in to your account and password on this website to view or change your personal data files in real time.

(3) If you want to request the suspension or deletion of your personal data, you can write an email to apply to the company's business window or call the company's customer service center, and go through certain procedures after verifying your identity. If you choose to stop processing or use part of your personal data, and the information provided is insufficient or incorrect, this website may not be able to provide a complete service.

7. Protection of personal data

(1) The company will store your personal data in our data storage system, and use strict protection measures to prevent unauthorized persons from contacting them. The personnel of the company have received complete information confidentiality education, and the relevant processing personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement. Anyone who violates the confidentiality obligation will be punished by relevant laws and internal company regulations.

(2) In order to protect the integrity and security of your personal data, the data processing system that saves your personal data has been equipped with various information security equipment and necessary safety protection measures to protect your personal data from being improper Acquired or destroyed.

(3) If it is necessary to entrust a third party to provide services due to business needs, the company will also strictly require it to comply with confidentiality obligations, and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that it will indeed comply.

8. Privacy protection

The records, personal information and other specific information you register and use on this website are protected and regulated in accordance with the "Privacy Policy".


7. Data Access and Correction

You can access and correct your personal information through this website, or send an email to< /a>, request to access or correct your data. When processing data access or correction requests, the company has the right to check the identity of the requester to ensure that the person has the right to request data access or correction. In accordance with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal data, the company has maintained a data protection log.