Bagan Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Experience

The hot air balloon floats through a thousand stupas and lingers in the morning mist, while the earth is waking up in the golden sunshine. Travelers from all over the world are intoxicated by this breathtaking experience which is going to leave you a lifetime memory as well.

Bagan Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Experience


Let’s hop on-board to experience the fun and unique sensation of your first hot air balloon ride, floating gently above the spectacular Thousand Stupas in Bagan, Myanmar!

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The Healing and Touching Journey

The golden sunshine breaks through the morning mists and scattered all over the Buddhiststupas. This classic dreamy landscape is from Bagan, the city of the thousand temples in Myanmar. "Lonely Planet" is highly recommended and all travelers are making a beeline for this destination. This hot air balloon trip will evoke your childlike curiosity, excitement, excitement, and unexpected healing and touching joy.

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Spectacular Bagan Sunrise

With simple folks and rustic land instead of advanced high-rises and boutiques, people here feel relaxed and satisfied every moment without hustle and bustle. Bagan, born in the Irrawaddy River, was the origin of Myanmar's history thousands of years ago. During the Bagan Kingdom, thousands of stupas built around due to Buddhism’s prosperity flourished and spread across all over the land. The sun rises from the sky, the golden light penetrates the misty morning fog. The earth shines peacefully, reflecting the silhouette of the stupas. The beauty of Bagan Sunrise is world-famous, and today you can take a hot air balloon and immerse yourself in this indescribable beauty.

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Luxury Experience

Wota Lifestyle Myanmar Bagan hot air balloon experience is going to bring you a legendary and magical moment! Weprovide shared transfers from the hotel to the launch siteUpon arrival, tea and coffee are served as well as a light pastry while the crew finishes the final flight preparations. Once the balloon canopy is inflated and upright, passengers climb into two exclusive seats and the pilot will give detailed safety instructions.The hot air balloon will take off in the breeze and maintain a wind speed of 15 mph, allowing every passenger to view a thousand stupas in a gentle state. Take off before sunrise, 45 minutes duration. It’s daybreak overthethousand stupas of Myanmar as you climb into the silent air! After a smooth landing, the staff has already prepared a small celebration feast for you to celebrate your adventure with hearty meals such as fresh fruit, desserts, sparkling wine, and a flight certificate.

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Professional Flight and Equipment

In this hot air balloon experience, all the hot air balloons and equipment aremade in the UK. Every flight crew possesses British professional licenses with professional flying skills and accurate control over hot air balloon and landing. The rest of the relevant technical staff are also the public transport inspectors. Every detail is well-prepared so that you can fully enjoy the safe and comfortable hot air balloon trip.

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Wota Services

Our services include
  • Wota Exclusive: A private tour of hot air balloons before departure
  • Special breakfast after landing
  • Special sparkling wine for breakfast
  • Exclusive two seats in the hot air balloon
  • Exclusive hot air balloon flight certificate
  • Exclusive commemorative photo
  • Transfer from hotel to the hot air balloon site
Any price should only be available to members.
Please log in or sign up here for Wota now.
  • All VIP passengers are requested to go to the hot air balloon company to register and prove presence. Registration address: Balloons Over Bagan Sales Office, Near Hotel Zfreeti, Thiripyitsaya Block No. (5), Nyaungu, Myammar. Registration time: 9 am to 8 pm daily.
  • The hot air balloon will take off before sunrise every day. The flight duration is about 45 minutes. Please prepare or wear your long-sleeved warm clothes.
  • The purchase is not valid until receiving the order confirmation and voucher from Wota Lifestyle.
  • Orders cannot be changed or canceled once confirmed.
  • Pregnant women are not eligible for this activity.
  • Children under the age of 8 are not eligible for this activity.
  • A child who is under 137 cm in height and under 16 years of age (including) must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for all actions of the child.
  • Each hot air balloon has a maximum load weight limit. Please indicate the weight of each passenger on the checkout page when ordering. If the passenger weighs more than 125 kg, an additional one will be charged.
  • A hot air balloon can accommodate up to 8 people; if the order is less than 8 people, it will be taken with other VIPs on site.
  • This trip includes a round-trip transfer from the hotel to the hot air balloon site; all passengers in the same order must be from the same hotel.

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