Hot Air Balloon Tuscany

Welcome to the charm of Hot Air Ballooning!

Welcome to the charm of Hot Air Ballooning!
Enjoy your breathtaking hot air balloon ride with the Balloon Adventure Thai Company.

No one ever forgets their first hot air balloon flight. Many claim that it is an experience that cannot compare to anything else.  The liberating sensation of flying over trees, lakes and streams, and spotting wildlife is astonishing and inspiring. If you would like to experience something extraordinary, a hot air balloon ride is the ultimate "unforgettable" gift.



Once in a Lifetime Experience

Once you are on the ride, you cannot feel the wind but you will know you are a part of it, not even realizing that you are moving.  In comparison to other forms of flying, hot air balloons are something special. Typically, most Hot air balloon flights fly 500 to 2,000 ft above ground where the feeling of peace and tranquility reign as you float over treetops above the beautiful countryside. As the balloon rises, the panoramic view that it provides is a scene that will definitely have its place in your memory.



Here is your chance to fulfill your dream of a scenic hot air balloon flight!!

Up in the sky, you can really take in the beauty that the world has to offer. It is filled with excitement and it is a true adventure.

Enjoy your breathtaking hot air balloon ride, an experience that nothing else can compare to.

If you really want to create a lasting memory for someone special, a hot air balloon ride is undoubtedly your first choice. It is the ultimate gift that surely will not be forgotten. Have a special occasion such as an anniversary coming up? This is your go-to option. Either way, the hot air balloon ride is an once in a lifetime adventure that one must experience!

Flights are conducted during the early morning hours and it may sometimes be during the early evening hours, when winds are light and the air is stable.


Your Safety is our Greatest Concern!

Our certified pilots have had hundreds of hours of training and flight experience. Safety seminars are attended annually so that everyone is constantly vigil to any new safety concerns relating to balloon operations. If the conditions for pre- flight launch are not favorable, we will not fly.

Your safety and comfort are our main concerns. All federal aviation rules and regulations are observed during our flight operations. The pilot goes through a pre-flight checklist before each flight to ensure the balloon is ready and in perfect condition. Also, the balloon itself goes through an annual inspection to ensure its airworthiness. For your information, hot air ballooning is the safest form of aviation, but it is the pilot-in- command whose attitude towards a safety and concern for passengers that make the difference. We are determined to be the best in the area thus everything has to be impeccable.

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