Black Rock Desert

Burning Man Festival

A city located in a desert attracts so many dreamer all around the world in only 9 days per year. This event is actually the desert version of “Davos world economic forum.”

A Wonderland for Creator and Adventurer

A city located in a desert attracts so many dreamer all around the world in only 9 days per year. Those creative followers even include executives from international business. This event is actually the desert version of “Davos world economic forum.”



An Event for Ideal and Freedom

The social experiment for the idealist is also a celebration for the liberalist. Anyone who has joined it (the so-called “burner”) may describe this gathering as a place for you to be yourself, to speak out your crazy ideas and to break the rules.

Imagine what this “hand-built” city disappeared after nine days would be like. All forms of music, art, bizarre costumes are only the tip of the iceberg. All the participants would make much effort to express and show off themselves, leading to the complements of “Fabulous!”, “More than perfect!”

The event encourage creation, sharing with others and decommodification. All the participants have to bring all the items they need exchange at the place. Technology is neither a necessity nor a topic to discuss. Besides, most of the spots have no Internet. The creative and exploring spirit, decentralization, aims of breaking rules mold the city as the wonderland for the adventurers.


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Utopia for the Celebrities

Burning Man Festival attracts tens of thousands of people to the Black Rock Desert in the United States, Nevada to build this black rock utopia by their own hands. This self-satisfaction community is packed with all forms of art, and people can express themselves in all kinds of crazy forms. The event lasts for 9 days, from the last Sunday of August to the first Monday. After the event, everyone would leave this desert with litters and items along, leaving no tracks and make this city disappear. The name Burning Man comes results from the activity burning a giant wooden man in Saturday night.

This very period every year, press like TechCrunch、Re/Code send their reporters to this place, as the greater density and closeness of the gathering of all the elites in technology field. Telsa, Amazon, CEOs of Facebook are all the frequent guests, even the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are followers as well.

This anti-tradition avtivity resonates many entrepreneurs. Rumor has it that the famous Google “20 percent time” was inspired by it. The engineers of Telsa once built two gigantic pink bunny slippers and sit inside this pair of slippers to go around in the desert. Larry Page even mentioned that the activity allow people to “ have some safe places where we can try out new things and figure out the effect on society. What’s the effect on people, without having to deploy it to the whole world.”




Unexpected Cluster Effect 

The concepts of anti-tradition and anti-technology attracted more technology business gather in this place, creating a different “Silicon Valley” remote experiment center in the desert. For the technology elites, Burning Man provides a perfect opportunity for them to try all the unique thoughts and products that have not been test. Exploration are encouraged here, any queer ideas are never rejected as there are always people more unusual existed.

With more and more participants, those executives and CEOs who may appear only at the summit meeting may staying next to your tent. You may start a fire, drinking together under the starlight. Without a doubt, this is definitely the best way to start a relationship. There might be a great deal with those executives after few days getting along. There is an anecdote about one of the CEO of Google. He noted his experience of joining the Burning Man event, which eventually made him stand out exclusively among all those candidates.

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