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- Côte de Beaune

Côte de Beaune, the famous area of source of Burgundy, spreading the leisure breath of fame, making your every step full of poetry a la Francaise


 Côte de Beaune

For ones who have much love on life, you may have some experience on wine tasting or perhaps not started yet, only want to satisfy the curiosity on wine. Either way, this time you could forget all the complicated and too professional informations. Wota Lifestyle presents you the tour into Burgundy Chateau. Led by professional wine experts and heading into one of six places of origin as Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits, Chablis, Grand Auxerrois, Bourgogne de Sud and Vignoble du Jura, in which you could unveil the secret world of Burgundy and enjoy the wine atmosphere.

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Top Wine Area with High Quality 

The well-known province of Burgundy, located at the northeast of France, has accumulated a rich history of wine making for thousands of years. Among them, Côte d’Or, including middle area of Côtes de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, stretching towards south, is so-called golden area in Burgundy, in which the top wine areas are all around.

Côte de Beaune abounds with well-known Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The one from Côtes de Nuits got much more reputations and productivity. Nonetheless, the wine from de Beaune is already beyond the level. Not to mention the famous chateaux like Pommard, Meursault and white wine as Corton and Montrachet are from here.

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The Aesthetics of five senses about wine

Wota Lifestyle presents you a tour of Côte de Beaune, featured Grand Cru premium garden in AOC region. Under the experts’ guidance, you could easily taste by your own tongue without trouble picking in the multifarious wine.

All-way shuttle service will be provided in this tour and you could pick the models from a variety of advanced ones. From airport of Beaune, Dijon and Change or any cities nearby to the classroom, the experts will explain the knowledge of wine, cultural history of origin and open you a tour of surprise :

Accompanied by wine experts, visiting premium wineries and chateaux with best quality.
Learn about the way wine has been produced from cultivation to brewing.
Take a visit to Sommelier’s house and have taste of wine from areas from Aloxe-Corton to Saint Aubin, exploring luxury chateaux as Pommard or Meursault.
Take a visit into Grands Curs chateaux in areas as Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet, and head to Corton to feel charms of white wine.
Explore the village Saint - Romain under valley, devoting yourself to the picturesque landscape.


# Exclusive for Wota's Guests  #
 Greeting in chateau between Ladoix - Serrigny and MarangesMaranges


About the tours mentioned above, Wota Lifestyle provide 2 itineraries upon wine products included. 

Golden Tour

16 bottles selected for tasting, including 8 Bourgogne Premiers & Grand Cru

Platinum Tour

18 Bottles selected for tasting, including 12 Bourgogne Premiers & Grand Cru

After the tour, you could have choices following : shuttle service back to the site you came or stay at the hotel nearby. Any custom schedule needed as lunch and winery-visit, please contact Wota Lifestyle.

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Wota Services

Our services include
  • Shuttle Service along the Trip
  • In Company of Top Sommeliers
  • VIP Greeting in each Wineries
  • Transfer Service from/to Cities Nearby


  • Exclusive for Wota’s Guests
  • Greeted in winery between Ladoix-Serrigny and Manages

  • Golden Tour
  • 16 bottles selected for tasting, including 8 Bourgogne Premiers & Grand Cru
  • Platinum Tour
  • 18 Bottles selected for tasting, including 12 Bourgogne Premiers & Grand Cru.
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Neighborhood Cities’ Transfers
Duration:About 5-7 hrs
English / French
From 1 Participant per Case
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation mail from Wota.
  • Any modification and cancel is not accepted once your reservation is confirmed. 
  • Shuttle service is limited to Beaune, Dijon, Chagny and areas nearby.
  • Guests under 18 is free for tour.
  • The fee for this tour isn’t included personal food and wine.
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