Chablis / Auxerre

Burgundy Gold Tour
- Chablis & Grand Auxerrois

Chablis and Grand Auxerrois, the unique flavor of white wine produced here is just like a French beauty, attracting wine fans to challenge. Wota Lifestyle select a wine tour for you, combined with the Grand Cru wine tasting led by top wine experts, which makes you indulge in French life.

Burgundy Gold Tour - Chablis & Grand Auxerrois

The daily routine makes your senses tired? Try new spark with an outstanding flavor! Come to Chablis and Grand Auxerrois, step on the ancient land to feel the earth, and taste the unique mineral flavor white wine. Wota Lifestyle provides a grand tour of Burgundy led by professional wine experts. You can choose to go one of these six areas: Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits, Chablis, Grand Auxerrois, Bourgogne de Sud, Vignoble du Jura. Doors will open and Burgundy will reveal its many treasures.

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Enjoy The Countryside View of Burgundy

Located in north France, the world-famous Burgundy province has accumulated the history of wine making for thousands of years, making it rich in culture and history, which is definitely worth visiting. Located in the north of Burgundy, Grand Auxerrois mainly produces Chardonnay, and Piont Noir is the second, while most of the wine are produced from Chablis, making Chablis much famous. The history of this area’s soil can be traced back to Jurassic age, the Kimmeridgien underground nurtured fertile vineyards, giving the Chardonnay wine a mineral flavor, together with lemon, orange, green apple aromas, which is particularly suited for savoring with oysters or seafood. Chablis Grand Cru means the best quality of Chablis, these exceptional vineyards includes Blanchots, Les Clos, Valmur…etc. Besides, Irancy, who produces Pinot Noir wine which is rarely seen in this area, and Sauvignon Blanc white wine maker Saint-Bris, they are also the highlights of this tour.

The cold climate makes the tour more comfortable, in addition to explore vineyards, Serein River, which nurtures this fertile land and vineyards, is also worth to visit. Go towards the upstream of Serein River, the carefree scenery will let you forget all the worries. Built in 1096, La Basilique de Vézelay a.k.a Vézelay Abbey is located on the hills. It is said that not only relics of Mary Magdalene is buried here, and also once a spiritual defense of the Crusades in the 12th century. The abundant culture and historical background makes the abbey and the hill around added to the UNESCO list of World Heritages Sites in 1979. Take some time walking here, you can feel the sacred atmosphere and comfort of mind.


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Burgundy Exploration

Wota Lifestyle “Burgundy Winery Tour: Chablis & Grand Auxerroir” tour extracts A.O.C. Grand Cru vineyards to save you from complicated information and uneven quality. You can now learn the essence of French wine with your five senses and the experts.

We offer transfer service of whole course and many types of cars to choose. You will be picked up  at Beaune/ Dijon/ Chagny Airport or any city nearby to the classroom. The tour starts from knowledge, culture, history and origin of wine, and then you’ll have experience as following:

Guided by wine experts to sightseeing the scenery of Chablis and Grand Auxerroir.
Admire the stunning view of the Serein Valley.
Taste selected 12 wines from remarkable Burgundy estate.
# Wota VIP Exclusive #
Improvise a picnic under the cherry blossoms in Irancy.
Visit Vézelay abbey, one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.


At the end of the wine tour, you can choose go back to your departure point of the tour by transfer service, or you can stay at the hotels nearby. Customized tour is available, if you need to order lunch or visit any vineyards, please call Wota Lifestyle for further information.

Forget about all the difficult terms and expert commentary, when come to Chablis & Grand Auxerrois, we return to the essence and use the purest senses to taste wine, which will ease your stress and soothe your mind with Burgundy’s gentle breeze.


Wota Services

Our services include
  • Exclusive: Improvise a picnic under the cherry blossoms in Irancy.
  • Exclusive: Visit Vézelay abbey, one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.
  • Taste selected 12 wines from remarkable Burgundy estate.
  • Transfer service of whole course.
  • A whole day with an English speaking Burgundy wine expert.
  • VIP services in the wineries.
  • Round-trip transfer to cities nearby.
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Neighborhood Cities’ Transfers
Duration:About 5-7 hrs
English / French
From 1 Participant per Case
  • The price doesn’t include additional consuming such as meals and personal wine shopping.
  • Guests younger than 18 years is free to attend the tour.
  • The pick-up point is restricted for Beaune, Dijon, Change and areas around.
  • An order includes two person in a team. The minimum quantity per reservation is 2 persons.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation email from Wota.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no change or cancel can be made.
  • The Burgundy wine that you taste may contained but not limited to the fruit of the following vineyards: Blanchot / Bougros / Les Clos / Grenouilles / Preuses / Valmur / Vaudésir。
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