Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai Airport Fast Track

Things can get hectic even before you step out of the aircraft, walking through the long halls of Chiang Mai Airport.

 Chiang Mai Airport Fast Track


Opened in 1954, Chiang Mai International airport (CNX) is a big hub around the area of northern Thailand. Even though its small volume and only-one terminal, there still more than 2 million passengers per year for its important status in tourism and transshipment flight. At Chiang Mai Airport, the first floor is for arrival while the second one is for departure. Many restaurants, easy facilities, and special gift store could be available inside. Although it’s not easy to get lost in Chiang Mai Airport, however, it’s relatively an experience on obstructions and long queue. At this time, the fast track clearance is a good choice for your entry and departure. With comfortable lounge, fast channel and limo transfer (to be purchased), your trip into Chiang Mai could be without difficulty.


Process of Fast Track


Greeted by a personal assistant with welcome signage

Escort you to passport control counter

Pass through fast-track channel
Handle your belongings and accompany to the awaiting transport


Greeted by a personal assistant and help you with check-in

Expedite processing 

Provide a trolley for your hand luggage

Escort you to your departure gate



Save Time

The countries in Southeast Asia have become a global tourist attraction with their rich tourist resources. It’s usually crowded with people. When it comes to holiday seasons, the boarding time may be extended to 3 or 4 hours. The personal assistant is responsible for our check-in, including customs clearance, baggage handling, and security screening, to minimize the spending time.


Concierge Secretary

The concierge secretary will be responsible for all our demands, guides, tax refunds, meals, business, and personal needs. In addition to the elimination of the complicated check-in procedures, the senses of security and professional experience are more important to serve with.

Wota Services

Our services include
  • Magazines & Newspaper
  • Concierge Secretary
  • VIP Lounges
Any price should only be available to members.
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Transfers Add-on Available
Extremely Efficient
English / Phasa Thai
From 1 Guest per Service
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after receiving a confirmation mail from Wota
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, cancel or modification is not possible.
  • The pax required over 19 persons, please make reservation separately.
  • On the subject of official regulation, this shuttle car will be replaced by personal guidance on entry/departure. 

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