Dubai Int’l Airport

Dubai VIP Airport Fast Track

Things can get hectic even before you step out of the aircraft, walking through the long halls of Dubai International Airport due to heavy traffic.

Dubai VIP Airport Fast Track


Dubai World Central International Airport, completed in 1960, is one of the largest aviation hubs in the Middle East.  It was also known as the world's largest airport at one time. Its area is comparable to Heathrow Airport in the U.K. and Chicago O’Hare Airport in the USA.  It serves as a transfer hub for many flights across Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are one runway and three terminals, one of which is the largest in the world and serves Emirates, featuring special double-decker jet bridges for their fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft.

In addition to the airport’s ability to handle busy air traffic, there are also global luxury outlets, a catering area with various meals and luxury facilities which are much adored by the passengers of the world.  However, one of the shortcomings of a space this large is the time it can take to get from the check-in counter to your gate. For VIP travelers that want to expedite and bypass all the riff-raff, our exclusive VIP Clearance will be your best friend.


There will be an assistant waiting for you just outside the jet bridge, holding a sign.  They will lead you to the limousine, which in turn, will take you to the VIP terminal. Upon arrival, the exclusive security station in the terminal will greet you and lead you through the procedures.  
When you arrive at the airport, a dedicated assistant will be waiting for you in the appointed area.  They will help you expedite through customs, assist you with reclaiming your luggage, and pass through security.  You will then take a limousine to the boarding twenty minutes early.

The Entry

waiting with a sign > limousine to the VIP room > security check and the customs service > exit along with coordinator


The Exit

Waiting at the appointed area > Help custom, luggage and security service > limousine to the boarding.



Limousine Model : 2018 BMW Series 7

Receception by a dedicated concierge who will expertly arrange all the boarding procedures
*A private aisle for you and your guests for boarding
*For guests who require a focus on privacy, there are exclusive entryways and exits, including a private VIP room.
The comfortable and luxurious limousines carry you through the terminal for shopping and all kinds of business.  When boarding time arrives, they will save you precious time by taking you all the way to the jet bridge so you don’t have to walk.

Prestige Service

*Received by the person of a concierge who will well arrange all the boarding procedure
*The private aisle for entry and exit
*For guests who have focused on privacy, there are the exclusive outlet and VIP room available.


Comfortable Transfer

The comfortable and luxury limousine carries us through the terminal for shopping and all kinds of business. For boarding time, we will also take the limousine to the jet bridge, saving the time of the walk.



VIP Concierge
Drink and dinging supplied
Exclusive VIP Rooms (25 rooms)
Exclusive VIP Entry/Exit
Private Player Room
Security Monitor in Controlled Area
Shuttle Service in Controlled Area
Private Aisle for Boarding



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From 1 Guest per Service
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  • Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled.
  • When placing a reservation in excess of 13 people, please call Wota for assistance.
  • There is no additional charge for children under 3 years old.
  • Guests between 3-12 years of age (including 3 years old) are eligible to use this service’s “Additional Children” pricing.
  • Earn Asia Miles from this package.

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