Party for Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival will open on May 8th and continue until May 19th Which party around is the most worthy going and having fun with movie stars? Follow Wota Lifestyle to Cannes.

 Party for Cannes Film Festival


The Cannes Film Festival will open on May 8th and continue until May 19th while the most starlit moment of the year will come with the city, the red carpet star and the brands. Which party is the most worthy going and having fun with movie stars? Follow Wota Lifestyle to Cannes.

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The Cannes Film Festival is tied with Berlin and Venice as the top three European film festivals, among which Cannes is the most noticeable. Although the film is the theme, fashion, luxe, and celebrity are more striking. People talk about not just movies but celebrities and their clothes, jewelry and other topics. Especially during the film festival,  there will be many parties held by brands and media. Wota Lifestyle presents you several options to fulfill your desire to be with the movie stars and to complete the dream of "spending one night with leonardo" at amFAR auction party ; Or for the private items from designer Donatella Versace and  model Bella Hadid at Fashion for Relief held by Naomi Campbell? No matter what you choose, you won't though miss  the night with the big stars.


 Party Time

De Grisogono's Annual Party / After Party



De Grisogono, the Swiss jewellery brand, has been one of the most famous events in the Cannes Film Festival. Hosted by Fawaz Gruosi, brand founder, it’s always held at Eden Roc in the Du Cap hotel. In 2017, in subject of  "Love on the Rocks" , Jessie J, pop signer, is also invited to present a private concert. 

Chopard dinner / after party



Chopard, a Swiss luxury brand of jewelry and watch, has been the sponsor of Cannes film festival since 1998 and has been in friendship for more than 20 years. Chopard also hosted a gala dinner at the festival which became one of the most famous events. In 2017, a marquee set up at Port Canto, an electrically-sounding party inside surrounded by forest, with a performance from legendary singer Diana Ross and British DJ Mark Ronson.



amFAR Dinner / after-party



Fashion industry always pays its support for Aids research, amFAR charity dinner is by the name of  "Cinema Against Aids" to call on many stars and celebrities to participate. All funds will be devoted to  "American funds for Aids research" research funding. Curated by Carine Roitfeld, a former editor of French Vogue, we can bid here "Spend the night with Leonardo DiCarpio” or "appearance in the Chanel s short film”, even the legendary orchestra Duran Duran to belong to your personal performance.


Vanity Fair Event Dinner



Hosted by magazine Vanity Fair, not only Cannes film festival but also  Oscar after party is planned. It’s early with high-quality products to celebrate the relaxing party for the winners of the Film Festival and later expanded into an occasion of joy for many celebrities. At the Hotel du Cap at the Hotel Eden, the Mediterranean Sea can be seen from the party scene. Just come to the city on vacation, you might arrange a night for yourself with the stars as well.



Paul Allen Yacht Party


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's private yacht, "Octopus," is one of the world's most luxurious  yachts. The ship is equipped with 41 suites, 60 permanent staff, cinema, swimming pool, basketball court and two helicopter landing pad. Each year it sailed into a Cannes wharf and invite the major actors, film producers and models. Since Paul Allen is a rock 'n' roll fan, he has built a museum on his yacht to honor the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Including Mick Jaager, Usher and U2, all of whom have left pass on the yacht.


Naomi Campbell Fashion for Relief 



Co-founded by British supermodel Naomi Campbell and the humanitarian organization CARE, since 2005, she using personal charisma and rich connections to invite stars, celebrities and designers to give individual items, and do the catwalk show. The proceeds will be used to assist disaster relief, such as earthquake in Haiti and Japan, and hurricanes in California. This year, it will help Save the Children, providing food relief, shelter and medical care to the world's suffering Children, especially refugees in the Syrian conflict.

Wota Services

Our services include
  • DeGrisogono 年度派對 Annual Party:入場資格
  • DeGrisogono 後派對 After Party:入場資格 / 登上賓客名單 / 紙本邀請函
  • Chopard 後派對 After Party:入場資格 / 泊車車位
  • amFAR 後派對 After Party:入場資格 / 登上賓客名單
  • Paul Allen Yacht 遊艇派對 Party:入場資格
  • Naomi Campbell 主派對 Party:入場資格 / 紙本邀請函
  • Vanity Fair 主派對 Party:入場資格 / 泊車車位
  • Philip Plein 主派對 Party:入場資格 / 紙本邀請函
  • Magnum Moschino 主派對 Party:入場資格 / 登上賓客名單 / 紙本邀請函

  • Chopard 品牌晚宴 Dinner:入場資格 / 泊車車位
  • amFAR 慈善晚宴 Dinner:入場資格 / 泊車車位
  • Vanity Fair 品牌晚宴 Dinner:入場資格
  • Eva Longoria 年度正式晚宴 Annual Gala Dinner:入場資格
  • Positive Planet 品牌正式晚宴 Gala Dinner:入場資格 / 紙本邀請函
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  • 本產品部分晚宴為正式晚宴(Gala Party),請著正裝(Formal)出席活動。
  • 如欲訂購本產品的多種活動,或在一日內超過 3 種不同活動,請分多次訂購。
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  • 訂單一旦確認後將不可更改或取消。
  • 承上,因各活動之規定,購買之入場資格將確實登記為購買人獨家所有,不得轉售予他人。
  • Chopard 後派對 After Party 舉辦地點為:Baoli Cannes。
  • DeGrisogono 年度派對 Annual Party / AMFAR 慈善晚宴 Dinner 舉辦地點為:Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc。
  • Eva Longoria 年度正式晚宴 Annual Gala Dinner 另備有 VIP 級票券,若有需要,請與我們聯絡。
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