Cannes Film Festival 2018

The most starlit moment in Cannes is about to come. Now, let’s follow Wota Lifestyle to witness the sparkling moments with masterpieces, star and luxe.

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Cannes Film Festival 2018 will open on May 8 and until May 19. The most starlit moment of the year is finally to come. With key words as Côte d'Azur, Cannes, red carpet, stars and luxe, do you wanna catch a glimpse at the star ? Or witness a magical moment in which the Gold Palm goes to whom ? Come and open our door into the Cannes.

“Cannes Film Festival" is tied with Berlin and Venice as the top three European film festivals, among which Cannes is in the limelight most. Although the film is the theme, fashion, luxe, and celebrities are more striking. People talk about not only movies but also celebrities and their clothes, jewelry and a variety of gossips. The power of gathering the spotlight is a great place for many boutiques and celebrities. Wota Lifestyle this year presents you access to Cannes Films Festival with invitations to "opening/closing ceremony”. Standing with movie stars, models and celebrities worldwide on the red carpet in front of the Palais des Festivals and going on the opening/closing ceremony afterwards.





Beginning in 1946, Cannes Film Festival, one of the world’s three major films festivals, is annually held in mid-may for about 12 days. In addition to competition section, there are still 5 ones including Short Films, Out of Competition, International Critics Week and Un Certain Regard, which presents the works selected from cultures near and far, original and different. Here comes 71st ceremony in 2018 and Cate Blanchett, Australian actress and Oscar award winner, will take up post of the president of the jury while Bertrand Bonello, director of films Saint Laurent, as president for short films and foundation. This year, festival will open a day ahead to previous years as the list of nominees announced in April.



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