Finn Lough Resort

Mist flows with morning light, birds fly over lakes, starlight dazzles on the bubble house, and enjoy picnic on the lakeside. Let’s slow down and experience a poetic life at Finn Lough Resort in Northern Ireland.

The Bubble Domes Under Starry Night

 3 Nights

Ready to meet fairies in the misty morning? Beside Lough Erne on island of Ireland, a country where story of fairy originally from, hiding a poetic and secret place. It is not romantic enough, the most romantic thing to do here is to stay at the transparent bubble house, and sleep under the endless starry sky.

finn lough bubble overview


Combination of Two Types of Rooms

The noise and disturb of city life makes people much desire for the return to nature. Let’s leave behind the electronic products, come to the pollution-free and sparsely populated Finn Lough Resort, and find your purest desire back. Wota Lifestyle provide a special plan for each visitors: 2 nights in Lakeside Suites + 1 night in Bubble Dome, the package would be available for only two adults. You can arrange the orders, whether you want to lie stargazing first or immerse in the poetic lake views, it can satisfy your desire to find the essence of life.

Bubble Domes (1 night)

To experience oneness of heaven and humanity is easy than imagine. Finn Lough Resort breaks through the tradition of four-wall hotel, and creating transparent domes with special materials to bridge the gap between you and the sky. With 180-degree transparent window and four poster handcrafted bed, you can gaze the starry sky while lying on bed. The dense woodland becomes a natural barrier around the seven bubble domes, and with its own lockable gate and private pathway, maximum privacy and best views of every visitors are well ensured. Except TV and wifi, every dome is well equipped with bathroom, Nespresso machine, fluffy robe, arm chairs, and eye masks. The Bubble Domes operates through all year even in winter, for winter is the best season to see the stars. Temperatures are controlled inside the domes with heating system, such as underfloor, blower and electric blanket. It perfectly comfortable with 18-20 degrees range.

finn lough bubble night


Lakeside Suites(2 Nights

The Lakeside Suites are British cottage style outside while white and simple decoration inside, which will gives you feeling of freshness. The living room and private balcony offers views over the garden and lake, where you can enjoy fishing, or leisurely dip your feet in the cool water while drinking champagne. The spaces inside the suites are divided into living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area. There is a wood burning stove, a flat screen TV and DVD player, wi-fi in the living room. The kitchen and dining area leads onto the first floor balcony. The kitchen has microwave, fan oven, induction hob, washing machine, fridge and freezer along with all the usual utensils.

finn lough lakeside house 01


To go to Finn Lough Resort, the visitors can take any transportation by yourself, or call Wota Lifestyle for transfer service. It takes about an hour and a half drive to the resort. There are many low-key historical interests and coastal towns around the resort. We highly suggest the visitors rent cars and drive yourself to discover the charm of Northern Ireland.


finn lought fermanagh


Local Life Experience

On the shore of secluded lake, we gradually find the pace of slow life through the integration of nature. Finn Lough offers mutiple activity choices, such as Elements Trail, a Spa center on the lakeside. You can try fire pit which is famous among the local people. Fishing on Lough Erne or Lough Navar, riding mountain bikes, or pedaling kayak to anywhere you want to have a picnic. For visitors who wants to stay indoor, there are also vintage theater room, library, chic tasting room for you to enjoy the rarely cozy time.

finn lough sundowner fire pit

finn lought fishing


There are many low-key but profound tourist spots around Finn Lough Resort, such as The Janus Stone, a 2000-year- old statue of Celtic god, where you can put a coin on the statue and make a wish just like local residences. Located on Lough Derg, St. Patrick’s Purgatory is said to be the entrance to hell, which attracts Catholic pilgrims and curious tourists to visit. Builded in 17th century, Castle Caldwell is an area to keep an eye out for the Common Scooter. Tullan Strand, the beach on “Wild Atlantic Way”, can make you feel the power of waves. The crescent shaped bay, Rossnowlagh, is a cozy town that you can enjoy nice food, beach and breeze, making the Northern Ireland trip enrich your mind.


finn lought spa 02


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Wota Services

Our services include
  • Wota Exclusive: 2 night in Lakeside Suites and 1 night in Bubble Dome
  • Daily Irish breakfast
  • Daily sundowner fire pit
  • Nespresso machine in Bubble Dome
For special product
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3 Nights
1-2 Guests per Stay
  • Each package is available for only 2 adults.
  • Bubble Dome is available midweek (Sun.-Thu. and not include bank holiday of U.K.Ireland). Please arrange your plan properly and call Wota for the date you check in Bubble Dome.
  • To book other room types separately, please call Wota for the quotation.
  • To book transfer service from/to any airport in Northern Ireland, please call Wota for further information.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation email from Wota.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no change or cancel can be made.
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