Grandvalira Private Skiing Class

On Andorra’s white snowfield, we pursue or own existence. Grandvalira creates skiing courses with flexible time. Come on, let’s take the first step to conquer the snow mountain with us.


Find Yourself in Pyrenees

 _MG_2128.jpgLet’s break into the world of Shangri-La, accelerate on Andorra’s white snow land, and pursue your own existence. Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in Andorra, has more than 400 professional coaches, and many courses with flexible time. No matter you want traditional skiing or challeging snowboarding, let’s take your first step to conquer the snow mountain.


Skiing Class


The gym provides personal trainers, while the beginner class in Grandvalira Ski school also provides 450 coaches with long time teaching experience and professional licenses. The school provides personal training of various levels and degree of difficulty. No matter you know nothing or want to speed up levels, you can easily follow the coach to conquer the snow sports. The types of courses are divided into 2 hours, 6 hours and 10 hours, providing the tourist to try new things, or practicing the skills. If necessary, the ski school can also provide video recording, helping us to adjust the skiing posture and skills.


At present, when we talk about skiing, it basically refers to skiing and snowboarding. With the double board and ski sticks, it’s much easier to learn for beginners, so we recommend it to the children or the elders, or anyone who is afraid to fall. With feet standing on only one board, snowboarding tends to change the direction with body balance. Because of the intense ultraviolet light reflected from snowfield, it is suggested that protection of eyes and hydration are equally important with sunscreen.


In addition to adult classes, Grandvalira also provides extra paid childcare facilities. There are 4 nursery schools in the skiing resort, which is Canillo, El Tarter, Soldeu and Grau Roig, providing childcare for kids aged 12 months to 4. The ski school also design skiing classes for children aged 3 to 6, with the exclusive lower ramps and inflatable anti-sliding measures, safety and fun are all taken into account.


Grandvalira Snow Resort

Located in Pyrenees, Andorra, a small country situated between Spain and France, is an ideal spot for many skiers. Thanks to the 3-hour flight from Barcelona Airport to Andorra, it attracts lots of tourists come on Christmas holiday. With tourism receipt coming from health tourism and skiing, Andorra has to 2 snow resort, the smaller one Vallnod, and the bigger one Grandvalira which gathers small town such as Pas da la Casa, Gran Roig, Soldeu, El Tarter and Canillo.


Grandvalira is the largest ski resort in the pyrenees, and currently offers totally 110 ski trails. With levels classified with colors, it is green, blue, red and black from easy to difficult. Wota Lifestyle prepares green trail for beginners, which the maximum gradient can’t be more than 20 degrees. Don’t worry if you can’t ski, there’s a ski school, 5 medical emergency centers and more than 40 restaurants in Grandcalira, providing every skiers have perfect experience with safety and entertainment.
In addition to providing leisure and entertainment, the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2012 is held in here, and the FIS-Ski will also hold European Cup and World Cup games. In addition to skiing, you can also come here watching games and feeing the tension.

Besides traditional skiing and snowboarding, Grandvalira ski resort provides many facilities, such as cable car, snow motorcycle and equipment like dog sledding, and there’s also a igloo hotel designed for tourists who likes adventuring under polar climate. The Grandvalira ski resort invests in snowmaking machines to keep the snow in place for years, which means that whenever you want to come you can easily enjoy the perfect snow adventure.

For special product
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  • The teaching area is located at 2,350 meters altitude (average) in the Grandvalira-Grau Roig sector, please notice it and act according to your ability.
  • The class hours should be all used in one.
  • 2-Hour ClassThe available class time is 9-10 am, and 2-5 pm.,  you can choose any 2 hours during these time. Please book the time at the counter of Grau Roig Ski School.
  • 6-Hour ClassThe class is available from 9am to 2pm.,  you can choose any 6 hours during the time. Please book the time at the counter of Grau Roig Ski School.
  • 10-Hour Class:上The class starts at 9am. Please book the time at the counter of Grau Roig Ski School.
  • Maximum of 6 person per lesson.
  • The 2-day Ski Pass is valid for any 2 consecutive days of skiing before 04/08/2018 for all ski-area in Andorra.
  • The Ski-Lift Pass is valid for any 5 non-consecutive days of skiing before 04/08/2018 and gives access to all the ski resorts in Andorra.
  • The 2-day Ski Pass is valid for people 18-64. People younger than 5 or older than 70, are passing for free. For the person who is age 6-17 or 65-69, please contact Wota for the specific price. Official proof of age required.
  • In the phenomenon of bad weather before the beginning of events, you can reschedule the departure date or cancel the tour and get a full refund.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no change or cancel can be made.
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation email from Wota.
  • Wota can provide one-way or two-way transportation from Barcelona airports to the Grau Roig ski school, please call for further information.
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