Private Sailing Boat: Guishan Island (龜山島)

Famous for its similar appearance to a tortoise, Guishan Island is rich in marine ecology and provides ample tourism resources. Therefore, it is a very suitable tour - especially for northern residents.

Private Sailing Boat: Guishan Island (龜山島)


Wota Lifestyle recommends the island-hopping experience to Guishan Island while sailing on an elegant and private French sailboat with large interior spaces. Enjoy the freedom that only a private cruise can provide while traveling alongside whales and dolphins.

The island is located in the eastern sea of Yilan, which is famous for its appearance as a tortoise. Guishan is a volcanic island about 10 kilometers away from Taiwan.  Visitors can find undersea hot springs as well as sulfur pores along the route. Due to environmental protection, all tourists must apply to the tourism bureau at least 3 days in advance of landing on the island. Once you have arrived, there are rich ecological and marine resources to see as well as various military relics from the past. On the other side, you can find underwater hot and cold springs, sea erosion holes, sulfur vents and the occasional gathering of cetaceans such as whales and dolphins.

Guishan Island is an active volcanic island in which there are several sulfur porosities and hot springs near its summit. In Asia, Japan and Taiwan are only two countries where underwater hot springs exist.  The springs in Guishan have changed the surrounding sea color because of its sulfonation. Mixed with the surrounding seawater, the temperature and pH could be used for snorkeling and decoction. Around the volcano, you will also encounter a unique crab which has adapted to withstand the volcanic heat and sulfur.   

Every year from April to October is the most suitable season to sight-see whales. The flowing Kuroshio through the east coast of Taiwan brings warm water, which attracts migratory marine creatures. When this happens, a large school of whales and dolphins are also attracted here for the food. We have about 17 species of whales and dolphins around the island, mainly as flying and bottlenose dolphins, killer whales and false killer whales.  However, it’s also up to your luck and the present weather conditions to encounter them. The island is not far to travel from the residents in the northern area. Wota Lifestyle recommends you our private sailboat tour, guided by a professional who expertly navigates the vessel in order to increase the chances of meeting these magical creatures. 

In addition to water activities, the island itself is worth visiting. Positioned as a natural marine park, there are numerous hot springs, cliffs, caves, cold springs and a lake due to the natural effects of the resident volcano. Among these scenes, eight are seen as the Magnifique - including stalactites of glasses and turtle lake, having a rich ecological system. From different viewing positions in different climates, we could see a variety of scenery to add the charm of this island.



Lagoon 45 

The Lagoon 45 is the only catamaran of this size that offers 4 independent living sections. There is a steering station on the flybridge accessible from both sides of the cockpit, an additional forward cockpit, excellent performance under sail… and an incomparable comfort in the saloon and the cabins. This luxury, fully air-conditioned yacht is completely self-sufficient for water and energy, thanks to her 11kv Generator. All winches are electrical, even to lift the dinghy on the davits. Impressive inventory and electronics.



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