Los Angeles Int’l Airport

Los Angeles Airport VIP Fast Track

Wota Lifestyle selects Los Angeles International Airport fast track custom clearance - not just for speed, but for protecting you and your family like a celebrity.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) VIP Fast Track


With the progress of technology, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is ahead of the U.S., introducing the face detection systems which US border protection utilizes for travelers to pass through the immigration channel within 12 seconds. It’s much faster, but not the best. Wota Lifestyle selected LAX VIP customs clearance for you, which will not only speed up all of the procedures, but also provide you the best in privacy for you and your family.

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Smile at Heart

There will be an exclusive assistant responsible for checking you in, including customs clearance, luggage check-in, the works.  Next, the TSA has installed a security checkpoint directly in the VIP terminal: its sole purpose is to serve only you and your guests.  There will be no line and no waiting at all. Every standard procedure will be shortened and compressed to the fullest extent to provide you with the most time saving and luxurious treatment possible.
The concierge secretary is solely responsible for your needs. With a two-person team assigned to you, there is an assistant waiting outside the gate while you arrive airport, taking you into your private lounge. All the procedures are expedited, no matter it is guiding, tax-free shopping, dining and any other business and private needs.
Staying in the VIP room, there will be a professional team with three assistants providing services like cuisine and drinks, shopping and film playing. At last, the private transfer will take you directly to the boarding gate.


歐美機場最著名的便是嚴格的安檢制度,近年來更由於恐攻頻傳,排隊安檢就要花更久時間。要是度假旺季,那時間就更可能拉長到 4 至 5 小時。VIP 通關由專員獨立負責我們的登機事項,包含過關、行李掛運,再由美國官方專責安檢的單位 TSA 進行私人檢查等等事項,將花費時間降到最低。






進入洛杉磯國際機場,我們希望為旅客帶來的不只是節省時間 ; 更多的是,在起飛之前的舒適感受。飛行時數長,勞累在所難免,待在貴賓室期間,將會由 3 人一組的專門團隊提供服務,從精緻餐食酒水供應,購物以及電影需求,最後再由私人禮車接送,為出入境寫下美好的段落。


VIP Services

Shower room
A concierge secretary for two guests
Cold/hot drinks, light meal, and dessert
VIP room
Transfers in the restricted area
The best spot in the world for viewing the flight’s taking off/landing.

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Wota Services

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Extremely Efficient
From 1 Guest per Service
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation email from Wota.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no change or cancel can be made.
  • To order for over/and 11 persons, please call Wota for further information.
  • For the domestic flights passengers, please call Wota for further information.
  • Any guests 16 and/or younger must accompanied by at least one adult.
  • For the delayed flight, the ground crew will give guest the priority to expend the service.
  • Guests and luggages should arrive at LAX at least 120 minutes before take off.
  • Earn Asia Miles from this package.

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