London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow (LHR) Airport VIP Fast Track

In order to alleviate the stress and long queues, fast track service is a sure thing to consider. Wota Lifestyle presents London Heathrow quick clearance services, making your travel as comfortable as possible.

London Heathrow Airport VIP Fast Track


Air travel often involves long queues, horrendous wait times, rubbing shoulders with complete strangers and mounting frustrations at bothersome security checkpoints. You deserve something better.  In order to take care of these issues, the express clearance serivice is a way to bypass all of that and make your trip as efficient, professional and comfortable as possible.

If you are travelling to or from London Heathrow (LHR), Wota Lifestyle recommends express clearance.  Not just some lounge, our services provide dedicated private spaces as well as multi-functional business meeting rooms.




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your Wait Times
The most famous airport in Europe has a strict security inspection system. In recent years, due to fear of frequent attacks, queuing security inspections will take longer. If it is a holiday season, it is not unlikely to be stretched to 4-5 hours. The express clearance is solely responsible for our boarding matters, including customs clearance, baggage check, and security inspections, etc., which will minimize the time wasted.
From the time you arrive at the airport, your concierge secretary will be waiting for you outside the door.  The concierge secretary is in charge of your needs, especially at an airport as large and complex as Heathrow.  This person will have an intimate knowledge of everything in the airport, expertly guiding you to where you need to go and provide you with whatever you need, from filing VAT refunds and ordering special meals to various business and private family needs.
and Service
At Heathrow Airport, you can enjoy the exquisite, freshly prepared meals offered by the business center as well as comfortably relax in the quiet area and read a book if you wish. The Heathrow Business Centre also offers private shopping guides that take you directly to various boutique areas within the airport and are also equipped with multilingual assistance.


歐美機場最著名的便是嚴格的安檢制度,近年來更由於恐攻頻傳,排隊安檢就要花更久時間。要是度假旺季,那時間就更可能拉長到 4 至 5 小時。快速通關由專員獨立負責我們的登機事項,包含過關、行李掛運以及安全檢查等等事項,將花費時間降到最低。








Quick clearance service content

Multifunctional business meeting room
Saloon (included with magazines and magazines)
Five-star concierge secretary reception
Bartending drinks and Western breakfast (with pre-assigned vegetarian meals)
Exclusive VIP Lounge
Private car transfer in the controlled area



Wota Services

Our services include
  • Private VIP lounge (business hours from 04:30 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. daily; food and beverages provided from 05:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily)
  • 5-Star concierge secretary reception
  • Guest area with books and magazines 
  • Menu designed by Michelin-starred chef and premium drinks
  • Pickup service by electric vehicle within the restricted area
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One-Way Transfer
Extremely Efficient
From 1 Guest per Service
  • For better travel experience and service quality, reservations shall be made 7 business days prior to your departure/ arrival time (according to local time; excluding the day of booking, long weekends and national holidays). For booking requests within 7 days, Wota Lifestyle will attend to your requests with our best effort, but the actual arrangement may be subject to Wota Concierge Team’s reply.
  • Credit card guarantee is required for reservation, but no charges will be made at the moment. Upon confirmation of your reservation by Wota Concierge Team, a Confirmation Letter will be sent to your registered email. Your credit card will be charged in full within 7 days upon receiving the confirmation letter.
  • Cancellation & Changes: To avoid penalty charges, please notify Wota Concierge Team  5 business days prior to your flight departure/ arrival time regarding cancellation or changes to your booking. 50% of the total fee will be charged for changes or cancellation made 3 business days prior to departure/ arrival time. Guests will be charged in FULL, and no refund will be made for no show or cancellations made within 3 business days prior to departure/ arrival time.

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