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"To make a choice for some complex problems, first give yourself a decompression, let yourself relax, under heavy pressure, even the air is distorted, the most likely to make the wrong decision", which is prose Master Yu Qiuyu once said a word, we work hard every day for life, but rarely think of our most important partner - the body. We all know that the machine to be maintained in order to be more effective and long-term operation, the same our body also need to relax in order to face more problems, and Thailand's Oasis SPA is definitely a place for our cultivation.

Oasis SPA Thailand 

Pressed by daily life, we seldom pay concern on our health. What you need to care about is always yourself. When your work hard for a good day, stop point will make it better. Choose one massage treatment preferred and leave your whole body and soul behind the reality in Oasis Spa Thailand.


Oasis for Mind in City


The commitment to create an oasis in the middle of the city is the overall design inspiration for all Oasis Spa branches throughout Thailand. In addition, each location has its own unique theme and character, yet every branch incorporates the exclusive Oasis Spa Thai Lannabrand. All locations were designed for excellent service flow and feature ample- sized treatment rooms and shower areas. Care is taken to ensure that each spa is in harmony with the environmental and cultural ambiance of the surrounding neighborhood. Every single detail is carefully crafted to produce the end result of ... “Not Just a Spa ‘Experience,’ but Beyond.” 


Our People

e carefully train our staff to deliver a personalized and unforgettable Thai Lanna spa experience to each guest. In keeping with Oasis Spa’s commitment to excellence, Thai Oasis Spa School was created for continuous staff instruction. Both therapists and massage training course syllabus are certified and recognized by the Thailand Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health and The Office of Employees Skills and Development. We continue to develop new locations, evolve ever more effectual treatments and take our high-quality service to the next level. As we satisfy our customers, we flourish as a business, benefit our employees, our business partners and meet our socio-cultural responsibilities. Our devotion to quality is a “win” for everyone.


Local Feature Buildings

Phuket―Oasis Secret Garden Spa

Located in the estuary of a tropical paradise, this hidden sanctuary is devoted to your relaxation, peace, and rejuvenation of body and spirit. Many of the individual treatment villas have private outdoor showers overlooking a tranquil lagoon. It’s so wonderful, you may never want to leave this garden of delight. It has five treatment rooms with a capacity for 10 clients.

Phuket―Oasis Royal Thai Spa

Nestled among perfect sunsets, unspoiled tropical beaches, and cascading mountains is a modern, beautifully appointed day spa in a traditional Thai structure. Stepping over the threshold you travel back to a more gracious time and place where splendid service is the standard. It has seven treatment rooms with a capacity for 14 clients.

Phuket―Oasis Sky Breeze Spa

With breathtaking views, from the sparkling ocean to the Big Buddha, this spa guarantees a ‘mountaintop experience.’ Its nine individual treatment rooms, rooftop pool, and herbal steam room make it a place to reconnect with the earth’s beauty and restore inner harmony. It has eleven treatment rooms with a capacity for 22 clients and an outdoor treatment area.

Phuket―Oasis Turquoise Cove Spa

Only moments away from the ocean, this spa conveys both the serenity and energy of the sea. Enter its columned archway to find a stylish Moroccan décor with private treatment villas, terrazzo baths, and private relaxation rooms. All guests will enjoy duo outdoor rain showers, the Thai herbal steam cave, and an outdoor swimming pool. It has nine treatment rooms with a capacity for 17 clients.


Wota Services

Our services include
  • Roundtrip transfer

Summer Day - 3 hr

After the sun and heat of a tropical day restore and protect your skin. The treatment begins with your choice of KIN Ocean Breeze (Aloe Vera) Body Scrub or a soothing Aloe Vera & Lavender Body Wrap. This is followed by an Aromatherapy Oil Massage with refreshing aromatic scents that restore your body and uplift your senses and finishes with a luxurious and After Sun Facial Treatment. Get your summer glow!

Paradise of Oasis - 4 hr

This is your one-way ticket to paradise. Stress evaporates during the Thai Herbal Steam treatment, then a Body Scrub (your choice of products*) expels the toxins of modern living. Next, a Thai Herbal Clay Body Wrap draws out years of accumulated pollutants. Then an Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage erases tension and finally you are refreshed and beautified with a Thai Facial. After four-hours of matchless pampering you emerge completely transformed!

Oasis Experience - 4 hr

The pampering “experience of a lifetime” begins with a Thai Herbal Steam, a vitality booster that is followed by a Body Scrub (your choice of products*) to exfoliate your skin. Then a Morocco Red Clay Body Wrap extracts the toxins common to modern life. After a healing Aromatherapy Bath, a Four-hand Massage brings complete relaxation. Finally, you enjoy the ultimate Thai Facial. Four-hours later, you will be radiant and serene.

Lanna Explorer - 4 hr

This spa experience takes your body, mind, and spirit to an incredible place. It begins with a Thai Herbal Steam to cleanse underlying stress and prepare you for the purifying Body Scrub (your choice of products*) that extracts toxins. Then a King of Oasis Signature Massage revitalizes the body’s matrix and energy lines. Following a Thai facial treatment, you will be amazed at how relaxed and energetic you feel.

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