Cheese Tour in Paris

In France, the paradise of gourmet, we can’t live without company of cheesee. Wota Lifestyle presents you a tour to discover local cheese shop in Paris’ street and enjoy its richness.

Fromage Tour   

“It’s hard to ask anyone to govern a country with 365 kinds of cheese.” Once said Charles de Gaulle, the former French President. Proven that how French is deeply fond of cheese, even a slice of Camembert could give us a taste rich and unforgettable. Wota Lifestyle presents you a tour to discover Cheese in Paris, accompanied by experienced expert into cheese shop and give it a try.


Cheese is known as the perfect nutrition food God has ever made. In France, you could taste the aroma in the land, air and water by cheese on the tip of your tongue. Would like a glimpse of the secret world of Cheese?

Wota Lifestyle has opened a gate for our curiosity.

Tour in depth for 2 hours or 6 hours, perfectly arranged tour route guided with expert. 


The cheese tour will start from 7th arrondissement of Paris, which is famous for its political legacy and many aristocrat offspring are all staying here. In this area, “Mon Fromage Chez Nicole Barthélémy” is perhaps the most famous cheese boutique, in which Nicole Barthélémy, the shop owner, will help you find the perfect cheese destined to your life.


"Fromagerie Chez Virginie" ,on the right bank of the Seine, is always popular shop in Paris since 1946. The present owner Virginie Boularouah suggests that not only cheese well-known by public but also rare-seen kinds as chèvre de Savoie, le gorgonzola 300 jours d’affinage and le savoring aux truffles are not to be missed.


“Alléosse”, run by Philippe Alleosse, MOF’s master cheese ripener, is one of best cheese shop in Paris, in which we could have found many original cheese as Comté certificated by AOP and Stilton, soaked by port wine, Last but worthy, it’s Fromagerie Hisada, who combines Tokyo style with French cheese. Instead of red wine, Sake and Japanese tea is served with cheese to have us a cultural collision. Other shops as Martine Dubois, Fromagerie d’Auteuil, Laurent Dubois, Fromagerie Griffon, all are here waiting for you.


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