Vegetarian Diet Tour in Paris

The fad of health diet has swept the globe by storm with low carbon, organic and gluten - free concept. Wota Lifestyle will lead you the itinerary into organic restaurants.

Vegetarian Tour à la française  


“The diet fad in next ten years will be vegetarian. ” said Joël Robuchon, the Michelin chef. This heathy fad has swept the table around the world by storm with low carbon, organic and no-gluten concept. Even France, a Kingdom of fine dinning, has joined in the line of change. The vegetarian dishes in Paris have followed traditional cooking skill and elegance as usual to make itself a synonym of fashion and taste on table.


This time, for you who is in pursuit of health diet, Wota Lifestyle has planned a vegetarian tour in Paris.

Tour in depth for 2 hours or 6 hours, perfectly arranged tour route guided with expert, leading you into the local popular organic restaurant, enjoying non-burden light meal.

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In recent years, the fad of Bobo is coming back in contemporary society in Paris. Bobo is combination of bourgeois and bohemian, symbolic of elites in French society who attach importance to material enjoyment, lifestyle and value of individualism. To suit their taste, the cool health diet, featured low carbon and low pollution, is into fermentation.


When it comes to green diet trend in Paris, Agèle  Ferreux-Maeght  plays no doubt a leading role. In charge of many restaurants as La Guinguette d’Angèle and L’Alcazar,  Agèle  Ferreux-Maeght , who’s popular in fashion industry, is dedicated to promotion of organic diet concept, supplying fresh and detoxicated dishes featured lots of flowers and berries. Like rolls and tofu panna cotta which look like a painting are all not to missed. Only the organic food is not enough to touch French. Wild & the Moon, located at Le Marais, is famous for its interior design and comfortable service just like home. In Wild & Moon, the chemical addition and artificial food is not allowed. There are only pure and natural vegetable and non gluten food as pudding in chia seeds, handmade kale chips and cold-pressed juice.


L´Arpège, legendary vegetarian resto which run by Alain Passard, is famous for its ingredients featured premium quality. Passard even builded his own organic farms to assure that every vegetable is clean and safe. In pursuit of original taste, Passard has changed traditional image that vegetable diet is tasteless and won the honor of Michelin star.

In Paris, from Café PinsonSEASONMaisie CaféWynwood and even Plaza Athénée run by famous Alain Ducasse are all join the line of this green revolution on table. Back to the origin of ingredient and taste, the vegetarian is another option you could give it a try when you are in Paris next time.

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