Koh Samui

Private Catamaran Sailing Experience

For guys can’t live without diving a day, Wota Lifestyle recommend you the tour of 3-days-2-nights in personal catamaran which could sail to every diving sites.

Nautiness Private Catamaran Sailing Experience

(3 days and 2 nights)


Is there anything better than snorkeling as watersport? For those who can’t help but dive for a day, Wota Lifestyle presents you the 3-days-2-nights tour in your own personal catamaran. After the shuttle service from your hotel in Samui to our catamaran Nautiness II, this tour will include many famous diving sites as Kao Tao, Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinnacle, among others. If you love the ocean, the sailing experience in Nautiness II is sure to satisfy all your desires.


Nautiness II catamaran sailing experience can organize the diving tour, according to your preferences and demands.  From Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan to AngThong Marine National Park, all could be included as options. During the sailing between two sites, all drinks, meals and toiletries are well-prepared for you to pacify your fatigue. If you are not a fan of diving, staying onboard the catamaran to enjoy the attentive service and open ocean is completely acceptable as well.


Diving Sites Info

Koh Tao

Koh Tao (Turtle Island) is facing Koh Nang Yaun, which is often considered a satellite island because of its relatively small size. Koh Tao is known as the world's least expensive diving resort, lying about two hours driving away from the island. The waters are clear and rich with high visibility of the coral reefs. Because of its stable topography, Diving Koh Tao is well suited to beginners.


Sail Rock

A great pinnacle reef about 12 meters from water, Sail Rock is known for its rich variety of fish. It serves as natural shelter for marine life such as barracuda, batfish and the snapper, as well as the famous whale shark and seabirds coming over, on the hunt. It’s absolutely aa ocean paradise for divers and photographers who like to see a large abundance of marine life up close.


Chumphon Pinnacle

About 15 minutes sailing away from Koh Nang Yuan is Chumphon Pinnacle.  It consists of different sizes of granite, surprising visitors with its colorful sea anemones at the top of the reef.  The current flow is moderate, which is most suitable for experienced divers. Besides the barracuda and snapper, whale sharks and stingray will surprisingly show up in this area.


Shark Island

Shark Island, with a depth ranging from 10 to 22 meters, is an uninhabited island surrounded by a colorful coral reef. There are many different kinds of reef by which many divers and fish are attracted to here. From stingrays, eels, pufferfish to butterfly fish - even turtles and whale sharks are no strangers here. It suits divers of all levels. There is also a hidden story: It is said that there is a tombstone of a Thai somewhere on this island, who chose to be buried here for all time.


The Southwest Pinnacle

The Southwest Pinnacle consists of seven rocks in different depths, which allow a variety of marine landscapes seen at each different rock.  These include sea anemones, corals and sea fans as well as butterfly fish, polly and leopard sharks. Furthermore, there are many cracks that exist in the rocks which are the perfect natural shelters for some tinier species.


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Nautiness II

The vessel offers guests four rooms, each equipped with a double bed and bathroom. In the dining area are coffee machines, refrigerator, kitchenware ,microwave oven and water heater. Two slender ships are connected with a bridge deck which contributes to the ship’s strong stability and greatly reduces the hull’s roll resistance. In fact, the catamaran is often used in sports as well as entertainment, being suitable for both sports competition and family vacations.

Wota Services

Our services include
  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Full board
  • Diving equipment
  • 7 scuba tanks
For special product
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  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation email from Wota.
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no change or cancel can be made..
  • Maximum  occupancy per package is 6 adults.
  • In the event of bad weather, you can reschedule the departure date or cancel the package and get a full refund.
  • It will leave the pier at about 9:00 and start cruising.
  • The package includes roundtrip transfer from and to your hotel/resort, please fill in the hotel/resort you stay on the order page, we will reply you with a pickup time based on its distance from the pier.
  • The itinerary may change depends on the weather and wind condition, captain and dive master will discuss all destinations and dive sites with you before departure.
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