Three Camel Lodge

At the border of the southern Mongolian steppe and the gobi desert, a paradise for travelers to visit. Three Camel Lodge takes us return to the nature and forget the chaos.

Three Camel Lodge

(4 days 3 Nights)



The Station for Soul in the Wilderness


With conscience on people’s busy life today,  Three Camel Lodge give us guarantee that passengers won’t hear any phone alarm note while warming themselves around the fire in the yurt. It’s because there is no internet or phone line connection. Guests here could stay at the grand ballroom which looks like a ancient temple outside or communicate with others at bar The Thirsty Camel with dance performance. You could also go to the SPA room in the hostel to wash away the fatigue in the trip.


The owners says that, herders have for centuries developed a unique massage technique to ease the pain. After easing the exhaustion, we could have Mongolian dumpling at the lodge restaurant. If this doesn’t fix your appetite, western meals are also prepared for your empty stomach.


In order to help the living of the herdsmen and avoid the impact on the local environment and culture, Three Camel Lodge arranged carefully each details of the software and hardware. Lodge is devoted to the conservation and recycling of water resources for the dry weather here. It also promotes the greening program to grow plants suitable for local ecology. During our stay, the guests will be assigned a a reusable water bottle to help reduce plastic waste. The Mongolian yurts that people live in are made of local raw materials by local artisans. And all employees are all in the land ; all kind of food are also purchased from nearby areas or from herdsmen’s families to assist the local economic development.


The four days and nights for people come here

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There are two plans for your 4 days - 3 nights package : To visit Moltsog Els or Hongoryn Els.To explore a large number of dinosaur fossils buried in Flamming Cliff which is famous for its red rust landscape all over the world. Archaeologists here discovered not only dinosaur fossils but also complete egg and nests for the first time in world. Another place worth visiting is Yol Valley National Park in Mount. Altai, which is known as Vally of Eagle for its ecological diversity including gravel dersert, glaciers, drainage basin and so on.  Alpine ibex and many specific birds could also been seen if lucky enough. Further informations could refer to the following.

Wota Services

Our services include
  • Daily Featured Meals
  • Shuttle Service in Desert Area
  • Flaming Cliffs Tour
  • Hike in Yol Valley
  • Camel Riding
  • Mongolian Horse Riding
  • Air Shuttle from Airport Ulaanbaatar to Dharazadee
  • Shuttle Service from Airport Dharazadee
  • Personal Map of Mongolian and Luggage Tag

Three Came Lodge - Hongoryn Els

Our expedition start at the first day. The guide will drive you to the Hongoryn Els, which is also known as Singing Dune and 4 hours driving away from the airport. Hiking in the diverse landforms and setting up camp this night, we could listen to the message hidden in the breeze under the starlight. The next morning, we continue our unfinished journey on the dune. On our way to the lodge afternoon, we will stop by to the Flamming Cliff. The third day, we will take a walk in the Youru Valley National Park. Havtsgait Valley is also a good place to go if we got the time rest. The fourth day is for home after our breakfast.

Three Came Lodge - Moltsog Els

The first day is to Tugrugiin Shiree, in which a famous dinosaur fighting fossils are found. The next day, we visited Yol Valley National Park at the foot of the Altai mountains, hiking in the lush Valley and encountering wild animals. If there is still time, the guide will take us to the Havtsgait Valley to view the cliff paintings left by human ancestors. On the third day, we come to the Moltsog Els on the back of camel, thinking of the journey once taken place by the ancient caravans and visiting herders who kept camels. In the afternoon, it turned to Flamming Cliif, in which the dinosaur eggs fossils first found in the world. For the three nights on the trip, we will enjoy the hospitality of your host.

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Two-Way Transfers (Airport)
3 Nights
English / Mongolian
1-4 Guests per Stay
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after having received a confirmation mail from Wota.
  • In event of bad weather, you can reschedule the departure date or cancel the tour, getting a full refund.
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  • Each room’s quantities are limited. Wota reserves rights to refuse the order.
  • Any modification about staying days and number of persons, please call Wota for further infos.
  • This package includes the shuttle service; please note your flight in ordering page.
  • Personal Mongolian visa is not included in this package.
  • Personal information should be provided for the booking of domestic line in Mongolian.
  • Each yurt is up to 4 persons.
  • Yurt for family set is available ; please call Wota for further infos.
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