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Hong Kong Private Car Charter Service

Throughout the day and night, the "Hong Kong" private car charter service has been prepared to provide a perfect and comfortable ride experience for each VIP.

Hong Kong Private Car Charter


After arriving in Hong Kong, famous for its delicious cuisine and nightlife, you can’t miss the nightscape of Lan Kwai Fong, Victoria Peak, and Victoria Harbour's music and light show!  How can you enjoy your best time in tourist attractions without human gridlock? Wota Lifestyle prepares a private car charter service for you. With prudent communication and detailed evaluation, well-trained drivers and commissioners are going to provide a perfect and comfortable ride for each VIP passenger.

Traveling in big cities is very difficult, especially in a teeming city like Hong Kong. Wota Lifestyle's private car charter service offers you the Toyota Alphard model, operated by exclusive drivers and limousines in the most convenient waymeeting your needs to reach all major attractions and destinations.

Model Introduction

With a large compartment space for good rests, dressing, and placement of many belongings, Toyota Alphard has always been the top choice among celebritiesThe appearance is designed as streamline to reduce windage and other inconvenience factors. The double sunroofs and double-sided electric sliding door design allow you to get in and out smoothly, and you are still able to enjoy the scenery outside the window. The interior part is covered with luxurious leather, and the back row of seats is a three-dimensional extension design. Dark detail designnot only enhances its qualitybut strengthensthe functions of sound insulation, airbags, stable shock absorbers, anti-skid, and blind spot detection etc.

For special product
Please click here to ask for price and purchase.
  • This service model is Toyota Alphard.
  • If you need other models, please contact Wota Lifestyle to quote separately.
  • For cross-border services between China and Hong Kong, please contact Wota Lifestyle to quote separately.
  • If the vehicle is defaced due to passengers, the driver has the right to charge the passengers for the relevant fees.
  • Private drivers are arranged to connect to each district for unlimited mileage calculations.
  • The minimum time for a private driver to arrange a private car charter service is at least 4 hours.
  • Private car charter service is up to 15 kilometers per hour. If it exceeds (including) 15 kilometers, an additional one hour overtime will be charged.
  • The driver's daily working hours are limited to 9 hours.
  • If you need to extend the service time after renting for 9 hours, please contact Wota Lifestyle to quote separately.
  • For every 15 minute, the driver will charge a fee of HKD 552.
  • Late night hours from 23:00 to 07:00 the next day, the driver will charge a late-night driving service of HK$200 per hour.
  • The purchase is not valid until receiving the order confirmation and voucher from Wota Lifestyle.
  • The order cannot be changed or canceled once confirmed.

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