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Private driver arrangement in Kanto

Travel by car, Wota Lifestyle has prepared you for a private charter service in Kanto region “Tokyo” and in the central region “Nagoya”, a perfect and comfortable ride for every VIP.

Private driver arrangement in Kanto


Kanto region refers to areas such as the East and Near Pacific regions on Honshu, it is composed of Gunma, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa, etc. With the capital city Tokyo as the center, it includes 1 metropolis and 3 counties as the core. The resident population exceeds one-third of Japan’s total population and is the largest metropolitan area in the world. With the vast area of the Kanto region, four seasons have their own characteristics, cherry blossoms for spring, firework, and festival for summer, in autumn, there could be seen the maples while watching snow in a hot spring is for winter. Wota Lifestyle has prepared you for a private charter service in Kanto region “Tokyo” and in the central region “Nagoya”. Trained drivers and staffs are carefully evaluated and communicated to prepare a perfect and comfortable ride for every VIP.

It’s very hard to travel in big cities, especially in an international city like Tokyo, so Wota Lifestyle’s private charter service offers Toyota Alphard, managed by exclusive drivers and limousines to meet your needs at all major attractions and destinations with the most convenient way of transportation. 

Car Introduction

Toyota Alphard has always been the model used by many celebrities, with large car room space, you are able to rest, changing, and to place a lot of personal belongings, etc. The appearance is streamlined design, reducing windage and other inconvenience factors. Double sunroofs and double-sided electric sliding door design to make you get in and out smoothly. Even in the car, you can still enjoy the scenery outside the window. The interior part is covered with top leather, the second row of seats also has a three-dimensional extension design, the dark-colored details enhance the texture of the car room, and strengthen the sound insulation, airbags, stable shock absorbers, anti-skid, blind spot alarms and other functions.

For special product
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  • This service model is Toyota Alphard.
  • Private driver service includes Chinese/English Guide, you can select the driver language at the “Select Service Section” above. 
  • Arranging a private driver to access to downtown has unlimited mileage calculations in a single way. 
  • The minimum time for a private driver t is at least 1 hour.
  • Arranging a private driver for a chartered car has a limit of 15 km per hour, if it exceeds more than 15 km, another hour cost will be added.
  • Driver’s daily working limit is 8 hours.
  • If you need more than 8 hours of chartered service, please contact Wota for a separate offer.
  • If other car models are needed, please contact Wota for the separate offer.
  • If the vehicle is defaced due to passenger relations, the owner has the right to charge the passengers for relevant processing fees.

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