- Express Journey Venice / Paris

2-days-1-night European Orient Express Tour, from Venice to Paris, Wota Lifestyle will cross you through time and experience the most luxurious train rides in the world.

VSOE - Express Journey Venice / Paris


When scientists are still strangling their brains to invent a time machine, Wota Lifestyle has already found a way for you to cross through time. Take a ride on this Orient Express that was once written as a novel, everything started at the 1920s preserved until now, experiencing the grandmaster of Art Deco’s design, traditional aristocratic service process, and consistently intimate service. From Venice to Paris, the train passes through Switzerland’s magnificent lake and mountains, following by the famous Alps. A 2-days-1-night retro trip will let you feel closer to the 1920s.


Having the name of the “Walking Palace” and the most luxurious hotel on the iron pipes, each car of Orient-Express preserves the style and memories of the 1920s. The interior design is known as the classic remains Art Deco. Among them, many cars were designed by hands by the master of interior design René Prou. With a strong sense of industry, geometric lines and bright colors, especially the rich and beautiful art decoration, there is nowhere can be found that isn’t the master’s design. 

The dining train is one of the major features in Orient Express, the meals on the train are carefully designed by Christian Bodiguel and other teams together. According to the characteristics of the countries that pass through, the train prepares formal French cuisine and also British afternoon tea. The chef will get off the train at every stop to buy local’s seasonal ingredients, from seafood and meat to various fruits and vegetables. Every meal that’s served will be according to the ingredients bought on that day, so there will always be a surprise on the menu. The menu is written in French, the tableware retains the earliest use of sterling silver and French crystal glass are used on the Orient Express, even the tablecloth color is selected carefully. 

The train includes the train manager, catering supervisor, and service staff, a total of more than 40 staffs to take care of all the needs of each guest. Each car is equipped with a dedicated duty attendant, 24 hours service for drinks, beds, breakfast and afternoon tea delivery. Every service staff will wear formal clothing just like the scene of an old movie, not just the designs, even the people are part of the scenery of this journey.


Venice - Paris


First Day

Aboard at Venice, Santa Lucia station, service staff wearing a gold-trimmed uniform will be by the train giving warm regards. Welcoming every guest on board with a sparkling wine. When boarding the train, VSOE will hold a special welcome ceremony at the station, such as a band performance or spraying perfume, etc. To welcome us, the journey will kick off with a three-course lunch prepared by the chef. During the afternoon, we can choose to look at the city scene through the window in our room, so that the journey is not just a simple moving train and let it lead us to enjoy the rare scenery of life; or take a tour on the train and see the antiques from the 1920s in the compartments of the restaurants after years of precipitation.

Dinner will be recommended for formal wear since this is an important tradition in European culture. A simple but prosperous four-way menu will be designed with seasonal ingredients by French chef Christian Bodiguel. After dinner, you can move to the bar compartment, in this comfortable space for social interaction, experience the famous aristocratic wine cellar. While people from different places are in here, the late it is, the livelier it becomes. When we are having our meal, the exclusive housekeeper has already laid our beds, waiting for our sleepiness and putting an end of the day.

Second Day

The next morning, when the light is thrown into the compartment, breakfast will be delivered to us by the staff of VSOE. Authentic continental breakfast will be prepared, lets you take a bite of a bread with cream or jam, a cup of coffee or juice, and enjoy the view of the city outside the window. When the train enters the East Station of Paris, there will be the end of this journey.


The Story on VSOE

The full name of VSOE is “Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express”, it is under the tourism group Belmond, which is one of the famous sightseeing train tours. Start every year from March to November, the train starts from both ends of London and Venice, stopping by Paris, Switzerland, Zurich, and Innsbruck, Austria. The Train journey began in 1982, with a total of 18 cars in series, dividing into 12 cars of guest rooms, 3 cars of restaurants, 1 car of bar, and 2 cars for staff members and luggage storage. According to the equipment and luxury, apart from the different grades of guest rooms, every restaurant has its own theme, such as black paint L’Oriental, embossed glass window Côte d’Azur, and also gorgeous craftsmanship Étoile du Nord.

Each compartment is a real antique (Vintage), can be traced back to 1920s to 1930s, deliberately retaining the design and style of the time during the renovation process. From carpets to upholstery and furniture, it all maintains the meticulousness and beauty of the vintage era. In March 2018, VSOE specially added a top-class room type “Grand Suite”, separately “Paris”, “Venice”, and “Istanbul” as the city style for the theme. Combining the bedroom and living room, plus a private bathroom, space becomes wider to add comfort for the train journey that was previously limited by limited space.

Wota Services

Our services include
  • Enjoy a lovely breakfast in the cabin.
  • Exquisite three-course chef lunch.
  • Featured four-course chef dinner, including seasonal goods, the starter, the biscuit basket, and the fresh puree.
  • Fancy desserts and tea.
  • Welcoming sparkling wine.
  • Daily British afternoon tea with British sparkling wine.
  • Daily exclusive housekeeping service.

Historic Cabin

Take in the romance of a bygone era with a cosy twin cabin. A plush banquette during the day converts into inviting upper and lower berths come evening. Both have soft, luxurious bedding and their own reading light.

Cabin Suite

Spread out and enjoy the luxury of space. By day, move between two luxurious lounges, unwinding with coffee and delighting in the ever-changing views outside. After dark, a choice of bed configurations ensures the perfect night’s sleep.

Grand Suite

Interiors inspired by Paris, Venice and Istanbul embody art deco indulgence while providing every modern comfort. Spacious ensuites and impeccable cabin service complete the experience.

For special product
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1 Night
English / French / Italiano
1-2 Guests per Stay
  • Your reservation will be confirmed after receiving the confirmation mail from Wota
  • Once your reservation has been confirmed, no cancel or modification is possible
  • Up to 2 people per room.
  • There are the limited number of Grand Suite rooms if sold out early, Wota reserve the right to temporarily suspend the sale of the room.
  • Single Cabin is available in every train but often sold out in advance, if you need to order, please contact Wota.
  • Venice check-in location and departure station are at Santa Lucia Train Station; London arrival location is at Victoria Station.
  • Venice departure time is 11:05 AM and London arrival time is 5:45 PM.
  • Following the Italian law and EU regulations, it is non-smoking throughout the whole train. 
  • When the train moves to the English Channel, passengers will board the read-to-go luxury bus, after passing through the strait, return to the original train to continue the journey.
  • In the train compartment, it is recommended to wear Smart Casual during the daytime.
  • In the train compartment, during dinner, men should wear Jacket & Tie and women should wear Smart Attire.
  • In the train compartment, it is not recommended to wear jeans and related clothing during the journey.
  • The limit of baggage is 1 hand baggage, 1 handbag (or suit) and 1 checked baggage. Checked baggage will be safely placed in the train baggage room throughout the journey, so baggage can’t be collected until the end of the journey. 


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