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Our customer services provide both to card members and platinum card members all the information and affiliations we have. We will also arrange and make reservations in the shortest time possible.

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Annual Fee
NTD 5,000
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White Label Service
Hotel Reservation
- luxury hotel reservation platform establishment - customer data from back-end system - private tour customization - hotel reservation benefits - restaurant booking services - global airport fast track and pick-up - private aircraft booking
Online Consulting
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Invitation to Monthly Event
internal approval
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Tailor-Made Travel
 TPE Airport 
Fast Track
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A membership for the elites with the most pleasant and personalized service.

Personalized Experience

We provide our members with a variety of services needed to ensure that assistance can be delivered promptly, anywhere, anytime. We are the most professional and creative team that has the goal to offer our members the best services. Your satisfaction is the most important result for us.

Royal Treatment

Wota has integrated all high-end only information and associations for you to take advantage of. We promise to l save your time when you want to search for something exclusive and specific. We can make your desires to any deluxe lifestyles that you can ever imagine become reality.

Platinum Exclusive

As a platinum member, any request can be arranged – from restaurant reservations, tour experiences, international tournaments, to boutique events...everything will be conducted in the fastest manner. We present the most complete serves for the elites who want to have a phenomenal experience.

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