1.Booking Process

Q1 Do I need to book the products and services in advance?

Booking 14 days ahead is mandatory to ensure service quality.

Q2 How do I know my purchase is successful?

Your booking will be verified within the next 24 hours of your purchase and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details and voucher. If the products you ordered cannot be executed as scheduled, we will contact you within 48 hrs and help rearrange according to your needs.

Q3 What should I do if I do not receive the confirmation email?

If you do not see the email in your inbox or spambox, please contact online customer service directly.

Q4 How do I get to the venue?

The exact location of our events is shown on the map. Aside from certain products, most events and services DO NOT provide transportation or chauffeurs. If you’re in need of additional transportation, please contact us via our online customer service.

2.Payment Method

Q1 What are the payment options available?

We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and other credit cards as payment. Wire transfer is dependent on the product and total amount.

Q2 What billing currency option do I have?

The only currency we accept now is the New Taiwan dollar, but our website supports multi-display of major currencies, you could change the display according to your preference.

Q3 Is my online payment secure ?

Our website ensures the confidentiality of your personal data and information of your credit card. The transaction is supported by an established third-party payment company and the website is secured with SSL 256-bit encryption.

3.Cancellation Policy

Q1 Can I cancel a purchased product? How many days ahead can I cancel it?

Cancellation policies may vary according to products. Not all products are eligible for cancellation or change. Please take notice of the information in the product description and your reservation confirmation email.

Q2 How do I request a refund?

If you cancel before the cancellation due date, we will deduct related fees and your refund will arrive in your credit card account after 14 - 30 days. Processing time may differ for every bank.


Q1 How do I get a Basic membership?

In 2021, Wota Lifestyle’s Basic membership is available and free for every guest to sign up. And please verify your membership via mobile and email at our member center. We will provide you with the latest news and discounts.

Q2 What is the difference between the Elite, Platinum, and the Basic membership?

There are many private services only available to our Elite and Private members, services such as airport fast track or luxury hotel reservation. Some Wota selected itineraries on the website will only be visible to Platinum (and above) members.

Q3 How do I become an Elite or Platinum member?

Download the Club Wota benefits brochure from our member center to know more details, and upgrade your membership directly on our website.

Q1 What differs Wota from a traditional OTA platform? Why should I book rooms through Wota Lifestyle?

Booking luxury hotels through Wota Lifestyle not only grants you the best prices on rooms, but also complimentary services and reward points from the hotel. We will also provide online concierge services to arrange your preferences with the hotel.

Q2 How is Wota Lifestyle’s price different from the hotel’s official site?

Wota Lifestyle offers the best available rate on the hotel’s official site, but only through us can you enjoy all these services with no extra charge: Complimentary breakfast for two, Early check-in and late check-out, potential room upgrades, US$50-$100 credit on F&B or hotel services. Other services include chauffeur drives from the harbor, hotel featured activities (depending on hotel) …etc.

Q3 Only in-person payment is visible on your platform, why so? Is it possible to pay in advance?

For your privacy and information, Wota Lifestyle only accepts credit card pre-authorization (for booking). To pay in advance, you will need to contact Wota ahead of time to make sure your desired stay allows early payment. (3 days before check-in date for domestic hotels, 5 days before check-in date for hotels abroad)

Q4 Will I be able to enjoy the hotel benefits if I do not own a membership of the hotel?

Yes, you will still be able to enjoy all complimentary services if you book through us. With or without a membership.

Q5 Can I still earn points when booking through Wota?

Yes, provide Wota your hotel-group membership number when booking and continue to earn points on your current loyalty program.

Q6 What is your cancellation policy and refund policy?

Each hotel has their own cancellation and refund policy. If you cancel within the time limit of free cancellation stated by the hotel, you will receive a full refund.

Q7 Will all the hotels provide hotel benefits?

No. Every hotel has their own independent policy on hotel benefits. Hotels under the same brand might also offer different amenities depending on the location and their current guidelines.

Q8 I am already a member of a hotel-group. How will the hotel benefits work for me?

Under hotel guidelines, hotel benefits provided through Wota’s platform can be merged or added onto your original perks. Ex. Marriott’s Platinum membership already includes free breakfast, booking through Wota will grant you breakfast for two, in total there will be breakfast for three.

Q10 Why would there be extra hotel benefits if I book through Wota Lifestyle?

Wota Lifestyle is a member of the travel industry’s leading luxury network, Virtuoso. We also partner with the largest luxury hotels groups around the globe. All these help in getting better offers and complimentary services for our distinguished guests.

Q11 What services do the US$100 credit apply to?

The US$100 credit can be used on in-hotel F&B, mini bars, or spa-related fees. The fee will be deducted from the bill when checking out. Wota Lifestyle will provide detailed information on how and where the credit is applicable, when you are choosing out your desired stay.