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- Roman Holiday

Not only the passion, Italian has unrestrained romance in the blood. You want to experience unique Italian vibe? Join our FIAT 500 trip to Rome.

Experience The Boogie Vibe in Italy


Not only the passion, Italian has unrestrained romance in the blood. You want to experience unique Italian vibe? Join our FIAT 500 trip to Rome.


FIAT 500, a classic Italian car produced only between 1957 and 1975. It’s not only chic but also fuel-efficient and easy to park attracting many celebrity fans to collect, such as Michael Schumacher, Tina Turner and Jaime Winston. In the 1960s, FIAT 500 was not only sold nearly 4 million units worldwide, but also reported by Radio Televisione Italiana and appeared in the “La Dolce Vita 1960” film poster. Moreover, British medias admired it as one of 20 cars which change history. It is not just a car in the original James Bond book, but a dream of every man who loves this car. FIAT 500 is the best choice to experience Italy’s romantic atmosphere no matter you ride it or drive. The 4 small and lovely round lights are the iconic design of FIAT 500 and the folding sunroof, streamline shape and delicate design are all presenting the passion of Italian.

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Wota Lifestyle launches Vintage FIAT 500 trip to Rome, allowing you to burn old soul and feel the boogie vibes while driving through the streets in Italy. To experience becoming Bond, the classic Sophia Loren is a great choice. For a family of four, Colossed is the best. Besides, there are many stylish car types, such as Via Veneto, Trastevere, Campo de Fiore, which can meet different needs.

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For guests who just want to take the Vintage FIAT 500 and see the sights of the city, we also provide professional driver services, so you can enjoy the streets of southern Europe without any burden. In addition, whether you’d like to see European-style architecture, or invaluable night view of Rome, Wota Lifestyle offers many relevant course and the most considerate service, so you can enjoy one of the world’s top 10 car travel ranked by ‘Lonely Planet’.



Paparazzi Tour / 3hr

Under the shiny sun of southern Europe, the beautiful Roman holiday no longer belongs to Audrey Hepburn exclusively, but also becomes an unforgettable memory in your like. In this Roman day tour, you will visit locally renowned historical interests, including Colosseum in Rome, Villa Malta o delle Rose, Pyramid Cestia…and more spots, while driving Vintage FIAT through the ’60s in full 3 hours. If you just want to enjoy travel, we also provides professional tour guide and driver, sharing stories only known by the locals.

Since you’re back in the ‘60s and become the main character of Roman holiday, it’s certainly no way to waste this opportunity. The distinctive thing of Paparazzi Tour is that you will be captured beautiful photos while enjoying the sights on the road. You will bring back abundant scenery, and beautiful memories with family and lovers

Night Tour / 3hr

As the saying goes, the most romantic thing always happens at night. The night tour in Rome is what you can’t miss, and we invite you take Vintage FIAT to enjoy the beautiful night in the breeze. In the meantime, the professional local tour can also take you to some scenic spots and teach some stories behind history.

The night tour is in full 3 hours but goes to more sports that day tour, including Circus Maximus, Constantine Arch of Triumph, St. Peter's Basilica Church, Piazza Navona and more.

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