Wimbledon Tournament 2018

The Wimbledon is the longest and most prestigious public in tennis, held from the end of June to the beginning of July, it’s the third tournament of the annual Grand Slam tournament.

Wimbledon 2018



The Wimbledon is the oldest and by far the most prestigious public tennis tournament. People usually refer the tournament as SW19, which is the postal code of Wimbledon. The tournament is held from the end of June to the beginning of July of each year.  Wimbledon is the third of four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam, following the Australian Open, the French Open and being held before the US Open. The members of the Royal Family never miss the tournament and Queen Elizabeth II herself has also visited the scene several times, even presented the trophy to Virginia Wade, after she won the women's singles title in 1977.

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 The most important of the four Grand Slam tournaments


The whole event usually lasts two weeks, but delays are inevitable due to the rainy English climate.  In addition to regular matches, Wimbledon also holds special invitationals for retired players such as men’s doubles at age 35 and above, men’s doubles at 45 and above and women’s doubles at 35 and over.  The world famous Centre Court is where the final matches are played while the other important matches happen at the No.1 Court alongside Centre Court. After a restructuring in 1977, the No.1 Court can now accommodate more audience members and the addition of a giant screen outside for fans outside wanting to participate in the tournament.





Sunday is usually when the players and fans could take a rest, but sometimes the matches still go on due to the weather. The first week consists of the preliminary matches and the second week have the sixteen, quarters, semis, and the final. The winner of the men’s singles title will be awarded an 18-inch gold-plated trophy cup, and be given the name “Challenger”.  The winner of the women’s singles title would be awarded the Venus Rosewater, a 19-inch plate which is a fine masterpiece of art in and of itself.

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