Private Sailing Boat: Guishan Island (龜山島)

Famous for its similar appearance with a turtle. Guishan island is rich in marine ecology and tourism resources, it is a very suitable island tour for the northern residents.

Private Sailing Boat: Guishan Island (龜山島)
(6 Hours) 

Wota Lifestyle recommends the island hopping experience in Island Guishan, driving the elegant French sailing boat with large interior spaces. Take your visit with freedom, comfort and accompany of whales.

The island is located in the eastern sea of Yilan, which is famous for its appearance as a tortoise. The island Guishan is a volcanic island about 10 kilometers away from Taiwan, where the visitors could find out hot spring undersea and sulfur pores. Due to the environmental protection, the tourists must apply to tourism bureau at least 3 days in advance to for landing. For tourism, there are rich ecological and marine resources, as well as military relics from the past. On the other side, we could also find out underwater hot springs, cold springs, sea erosion holes, sulfur vents and the occasional gathering of cetaceans.
Hot Springs Undersea


Guishan island is a alive volcanic island in which there are several sulfur porosities and hot springs near the head position. In Asia, Japan and Taiwan are only two places in which we could have hot spring undersea. The springs in Guishan has changed its sea color because of it’s sulfonation. Mixed with the surrounding sea water, the temperature and pH could be used for snorkeling and decoction. Around the volcano, we could also find a unique crab which could stand heat and sulfur. 


Sight-Seeing on Whales and Dolphins


Every year, from April to October, it’s the most suitable season to sight-see whales. The flowing Kuroshio through the east coast of Taiwan will bring warm water which attract migratory marine creatures. In that case, a large school of whales and dolphins are also attracted here for food. We have about 17 species  of whales and dolphins around the island, mainly as flying dolphins, bottlenose ones, killer whales and false killer whales. Plus, it’s not far for the residents in northern area.  However, it’s also up to your luckiness and the present weather condition to find the whales and dolphins. Wota Lifestyle recommended you private sailing boat tour, guided by professional who lead the shuttle, to increase the chance meeting the magical creatures. 


Eight Views on the Island


In addition to the water activities, the island itself is worth visiting. Positioned as a natural Marine park, there we could see hot springs, cliffs, caves, cold spring and lake because of natural effects as volcano and abrasion, etc. Among these scenes, eight ones are seen as the magnifique, including stalactites of glasses and turtle lake rich in ecological system. From different viewing position on different climate, we could see a variety of appearance to add the charm of this island.



Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469


From the design cabinet of Philippe Briand, clean lines and an elongated hull with moderate freeboard give the Sun Odyssey 469 an extraordinary aesthetic value and performance.Bathed in light, the interior affords the volume and comfort typically found on a 50-foot sailboat. Aboard the Sun Odyssey 469, you will find many principal attributes of her inspiration and “big sister” model, the 509.

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